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I am a simple writer who gets bouts of writer's block and procrastination. But, I do enjoy writing and wish to get cover images of my stories.


When a new band forms in Equestria, it is met with a multitude of mixed results. Will the members of Final Overture be able to correct the mistakes of their past? Or are they too far gone to change the minds of the ponies that have damned them in the annals of history?

A/N: Teen due to swearing in some songs. Expect songs you may know and love or those you may just hate.

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Comments ( 13 )

Sad AND random?
Oh boy, I'm in for a ride.

Dude, where was I?! I even have my own guitar...

2452330 I now have a comment by the famous Regidar. I can now call myself a writer.

It's nice, and I like how everypony is pretty much "Classical for The Win!"

Also, cameo from Neon Lights. Nice!

Even still, the history of these caverns dated back to the pre-Discordian era!

Wait… Discord? I… I know that name from somewhere, but where?

Is Chrysalis really so exhausted that she can't remember who Discord is, even when she just mentioned him a minute ago?

2589427 In truth, how could she know that the era and the Draconequus in question were one and the same?

Q... :rainbowlaugh:I about died laughing at that...
Also, I feel even more sad for "Eclipse" now...
And Sombra... seems like kind of a pansy now... but that pony can shred...
I like your band, now let's see if you can keep it together kid.

... Well, at least he was doing something productive?

I wish this would continue. I like it so far, fun to see a more regal Chryssie, all the characters are fun.

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