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I took it seriously, very seriously. See this is my face......:rainbowkiss: shmoo

Oh NMM...

I kinda wished there's a small scene where NMM tried to catch the red dot with her teeth :rainbowlaugh:

This is Genius. Something as simple as a laser pointer, re-purposed by Celestia for Evil and coming from tartarus itself. Pure gold.:heart:

Can someone please tell me what "tartarus" means? :twilightblush:

595274 The Greek underworld's deepest part, the prison of monsters. It canonically exists in the universe of the ponies as per "It's About Time".

:thracerzod face: i declare THIS cannot go wrong!

:haveing read the story: oh my god this was awsome :rainbowlaugh:BWAHAHAHHAHAHHHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA

:trollestia: And now I have to find my old laser pointer. :scootangel:
For a short(er) story, It was good and silly.

I love the idea of Discord snaking his way through a cereal cabinet, stealing all of the marshmallows.

You should have had Nightmare chase the red dot around the castle trying to destroy it.:trollestia:

That's the end result, I thought it would be funnier if I left out the trip from point A to point B and let people fill the gap in themselves.

for a work of less than 4 hour this was definethly great

that's how I feel when I clean my room!:scootangel:

nightmare is going to kill Tia when she finds out

595417 Thanks :pinkiesmile: Guess, I didn't pay attention to that episode.

The disappearance of the marshmallows really scared me.

Must...resist...temptation to make...fan-art.


Ah, pony hell I have reserved seats.

I've been waiting since 6am to tell you how awesome you are. dl.dropbox.com/u/31471793/FiMFiction/emoticons/misc_Lyra.png
I squealed like a little girl when I saw them. (Also Discord would totally eat marshmellows with a Fork and Knife)


I'm always happy to make someone smile. :pinkiehappy:
Thanks for the follow even though I'm certainly no writer. :twilightblush:

634931 Why? Fan-art is awesome!

*giggles* I wouldn't mind seeing more of this n_n


It's weird, this seems to be my most well received story. Even though I wrote it without a care, I just started writing and I posted what ever it turned out to be without actually looking at it.

I love the idea of it all. However, instead of doing anything else like trying to burn things or destroy things, I imagined that NMM would try sniffing at it like a dog and hoofing at it like a cat.

._. ...Lets see where this is going.

Does Celestia realize that laser pointers can cause permanent damage if you shine one in someone's eye? It's a device whose only purpose is to send a concentrated stream of photons toward a single point, you would think she would know better.


Meh, she's a god if she hurts someones eyes, I'm sure she can fix it.

this is after this one right (Princess Celestia and the Laser Pointer by Countsmegula )

My story was published in 2012
Countsmegula's story was published in 2013

595820 And, then as the beginning of the story/chapter proved... allow me to quote chowder on this.

It's the latter half of the bit that you need to see. Don't know how to get it to link to specific points.

I got pepper sprayed once (I was ten and someone broke open a can of Bear pepper spray) up until that moment, I too thought it would be delicious, I was wrong.

2715765 Do you know what I want to do?:pinkiecrazy: You wanna know my secret?!:pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy:

Oh god what's the secret :fluttershbad:

4246115 You know what, yeah. I'd like to know.

I want to create a bomb that has more explosive force than

seven billion hydrogen bombs

using nothing that I didn't spawn but a laser pointer and a paperclip.

4247802 Good luck with that, MacGuyver.

4249136 Sorry, I'll edit the comment and clarify.

Not as good as I was expecting, but honestly, what could live up to that title and description?

This demands a sequel, or at least going in-depth on what shenanigans Celestia got into in those fifty-one minutes, besides the already stated. It's brilliant, though, without a doubt.

My Trollestia Detection System has gone off.

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