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Adventure! We welcome it here! Long haul journeys, adorable adventures, crazy crusades, eerie expeditions!............And don't forget all the caves and other things. Those are important too.

Group Rules:

1. Be supportive of new users, be they new to the site, new to writing pony fiction, or new to the group. Treat them like you would have them treat you.

2. No NSFW images, or stories. The first part of that is site rules, the second part is because young people can access this group. How'd you feel if you knew that you'd permanently scarred a child through pony literature?

3. Be polite, and that's just about it.

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Ooooohhh. Okay. I don't watch Adventure Time, but I think I get it now.....I think....:twilightblush:

327648:facehoof: I really have to explain this?
what time is it? ADVENTURE TIME!
what pony is it? ADVENTURE PONIES!
its an Adventure Time joke. nopony got my joke:ajsleepy: there goes my faith in humanity

what pony is it?

  • Viewing 1 - 4 of 4
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