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I can't get the stories off of here. Is that just me being stupid? Even if it is, then please tell me how to read them.

0.o I was just searching for some groups with scootaloo... I LOVE THIS STORY! SUCH A BIG FAN!!!
Hope tht If you hear me, let me know gets updated soon...:rainbowhuh:

There is no such thing as to much Rainbow Dash, aint that right spitty :rainbowwild:

What is a My Little Dashie spinoff doing in this group? :rainbowhuh:

Get rid of the MLD, it does not belong here.

...Why was My Little Dashie: A Threequel added here...?

I created a group for this 2 months ago and then deleted it because nobody seemed interested.
This is somehow better.

Awesome! This story needed it's own group. :ajsmug:

281494 I feel you. Gore fics don't really bother me, but I do still wonder why ponies make them... :shrugpony:

Yeah, I don't think anypony's truly bothered by Cupcakes references, but I think some people don't like to think about it, and I respect that.

281492meh I liked Cupcakes but all gore fics are just plain boaring so I don't read them much just way to boaring and almost never enough charechter development and don't worry I make cupcake reffrences all the time and no on ever cares about em trust me on that.

281491 Sounds like a plan. I'll sell cupcakes to raise money, but first I'll need a victim. Any volunteers or hated relatives? Grandparents that are about to die? :pinkiecrazy:

(No way! I made a reference to Cupakes. I thought that I would never do that. Plus it was just a messed up thing to say. I feel like a bad person now. :facehoof:)

281489gather money to buy HASBRO and put him and Lauren Faust as co-owners of the company? that sounds good to me.

281488 Deserves it lol! :pinkiehappy:

... So what do we do now that we're in it?... Beside bragging rights and acting like a hipster for being in it now. *insert shrugpony*

Sweet monkey sphincters, this got it's own group?! That's AWESOME!

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