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I just want to sell out my funeral


An series of TwiDash drabbles that follow the two mares through their relationship: The good times, the bad times and all the spaces in between.

Inconsistent updating schedule.

Image by ColinMLP of deviantART

Chapters (5)
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Comments ( 101 )

Far from my best work, I know, but... I don't know, I just wanted to write some TwiDash.

Love the reference to the famous song. I LOVE (I Would Walk) 500 Miles by The Proclaimers. One of my favorite songs; I heard it first back in high school. Was hooked ever since. Eh-hem, anyway, this was rather short, but still cute and to the point. I love Twilight x Rainbow, and you did a good job on a quickie. Nice work. :twilightsmile:

short, but very good

also, cant stop listening this:

Short and adorable, I'm so in need some DashXTwi after the last episodes. My friends were so crazy about this song a few weeks ago, thanks for reminding me about it, it's also a cool thing. ;)

She walked 1000 miles to fall down at her door:ajsmug:

wow, you surprised me with this. I saw that it was only 1000 words and I though "Wow, another terrible 1000 word fic gets featured *sigh*" But this was stellar. It was actually well written *gasp*
You get a thumbs up *It's not the same! D:*
and a track. Woot!

Very, very good for such a short story. Your development was spot on, and I could picture the characters saying every word. Great job. I like your writing style. :ajsmug:

I don't fully remember why but that song became an incredibly annoying craze here a few years back. It got played so much... I was hoping I'd seen the last of it ages ago.

The story was lovely though, except that I'm not sure how RD's dad knew RD was his daughter. Butother than that, an enjoyable read :pinkiehappy:

Short and not much of a point, but I still liked it, You manged to keep dash as her insecure self and that is something a lot of ponies fail to do.

I love that freaking song. I hear every morning on my Ipod.
Also, very good story. :pinkiehappy:

There needs to be more:ajbemused:

this isn't something that would be just one chapter:ajbemused:

with the way you ended it, it sounds like you actually want to continue it. So please do:fluttershysad:


It's always awesome to see Dash be insecure about something and/or have an awkward time trying to explain something while staying in character.

That was a sweet scene.


That is all.

Well-Written? Check
Cute? Check
Not much point, but still serves a purpose? Check.

5 stars good sir. :moustache:

"To fall down at your door."? Twidash my fav ship.

I'd walk a thousand MILES
All very good, yes, two TwiDash stories featured today....
> “Look, Twi... How happy are your parent
But you forgot an 's' right there. Now I am legally obligated to remove any happy emotions experienced upon reading this, and withdraw my good words. I am truly sorry but that's just how it works.

If I could, then I would
I'll go wherever you will go

And can you feel, the love tonight!

And she will be loved
Yeah she will be lo-o-o-oved!

All three songs went through my head (Thank you 4 chord song) while reading this. Good on you sir.


"I would write five hundred words, and I would write five hundred more..."

Nice to see people not only understanding but enjoying the reference. One of the catchiest songs ever.

Well-played, Razed.

... Alright, I'll let you guys/gals decide....

Should I continue this or not

I'm actually leaning towards continuing it, but it's up to y'all to decide :ajsmug:

236384 YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you've got a plot (Not THAT kind, get yer minds out of the gutter) in mind, do, please, continue.

Yes, continue. It was a great story. Real sweet:heart:


To quote Rarity:

"You must. You must! YOU MUST!":raritystarry:

236384 Yes. Now that that exchange has happened, now would be the time for one of them to go missing.

236384 Definately!! It's good where it is making it longer would make it 20% (quite possibly in ten seconds flat) :twilightsmile:


Well, the crowd has spoken... Looks like this tale is far from over. Good thing I've already got a solid plan about where to go with this.
Be on the look-out for continuation.:raritywink:

and looking forward for the continueation
that is all


Huzzah! A cute TwiDash story is something I always want to read.

Looking forward to seeing what you come up with next.


Must fight it!!! must.....fight.....it! Cant fight it D'AWWWWWW!

And TwiDash never ceases to be great :pinkiehappy:
Looking forward to what you have for this story.

So... I've decided to turn this into a kind of collection of mostly-unrelated TwiDash one-shots (with maybe a few multi-parters thrown in for good measure). They'll range from comedic to dreary and everything in between. I know it's not exactly the most original idea ever, but I'll still try my best to make it a fun ride. :rainbowdetermined2:

TwiDash one-shots? Please. I like finding myself drowsed in d'aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw. :twilightsmile:

99 red balloons, floating the summer sky. Panic bells, it's red alert...

Edit: "floating IN the summer sky" dammit...

This was truly heartwarming and I eagerly await the next installment :rainbowkiss:

this was funny
I saw a few grammar mistakes and can't actually see how the two chapters go together
but it was still good and I'll continue tracking:twilightsmile:

She was singing Undone (The Sweater Song). I knew I recognized it.

Ding! Ding! Ding!
You win a cookie.:pinkiehappy:

I really loved this, especially the bill comparisons. It was cute and creative, and it easily earned a spot on my favorites list.

That was... interesting...

Drunk Twilight is best Twilight. :ajsmug:

I don't know why, but I'm really feeling this story right now.
Yes, that chapter is supposed to be 262 words long... Twilight's got some preparations to do :ajsmug:

Also, this is my first time writing in first-person as well as stream-of-conscious, so... Yeah, it probably sucks

I want the Princesses reply!

240933 this does not suck. Infact it gives the story depth and I can't wait to see how this will turn out:pinkiesmile::pinkiehappy::pinkiecrazy:

241088 I also want to see it!


The story is good! A TwiDash story with a lot of development of their relationship? Its rare and I am liking it.

I also agree with Anonymo, Celestia's replies would be quite interesting.


Dear Twilight Sparkle,

You fillyfooling heathen. I hear-by expel you from Canterlot Magic Academy. Never write to this address again

Nah, I may get around to adding in the replies from Celestia eventually, but that all depends on how many of these "letters" I add in

241277 you almost got me there:rainbowlaugh:

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