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Most of us lack a happy place.

Being in a pool helps you relax, doesn't it?

This channel has done so much for me, since I was a kid when I began watching it, to even now where it is the only thing I'll really sit down to enjoy. Making me laugh, making me cry from laughing so hard, making me cry because I pissed my pants at how hard I was laughing; I grew up with [adult swim]. I mean... it introduced me to anime, to funny shows (when they were still funny) like Family Guy and Robot Chicken. And shows that are still funny like American Dad. Idk, American Dad has a different general and original feel to it.

I remember those days as a kid where I'd fuck up at school, come home, get yelled at, get a spanking, and then be sent to bed early and [adult swim] would come on and the next thing I knew, the pains of that day didn't matter.

I remember those Saturday's when I'd go over by Dad's house and stay up as late as possible watching anime, sometimes with him watching along and getting lost, especially when Bleach came on. I remember that day he got high while we were watching it. Man, those were the days.

I remember watching [adult swim]'s The Eric Andre Show with my mom while she was intoxicated and how hard we laughed that day at how obnoxious the show was.

Fucking good memories. This channel literally is what keeps me from falling off the edge. It's almost like those bedtime stories you'd get read to as a kid, except the TV was telling the stories and the only story I wanted to hear was [adult swim].

All those anime days, I remember 'em like the back of my hand.

Watching FLCL, Akira, and Evangelion for the first time were the best experiences. Especially that night after I finished watching Scott Pilgrim vs the World on Comedy Central, then turning on Toonami and watching some goddamn Space Dandy.

Remember Space Dandy?

Man... so many good memories to go over, so little time.

I love [adult swim]. I have a lot of thanks to give to it.

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Rick and Morty is a pretty funny show.

And they're getting a new season.:pinkiecrazy:

Rick and Morty

That is all I will say.


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