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This is probably one of the best versions of the good doctor possible.

I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it.

~Skeeter The Lurker

Yes, this story... has all of them!

Wow, that was really good. Well-written, well-paced (definitely one of those stories that felt shorter than it was), and with solid characterizations. I like what you did with the Doctor, and I'm always a sucker for Derpy. And it raises some interesting questions, too (which, coincidentally, is one of the big things that drew me to Exit Through Canterlot; you have a knack for provoking thought about complex issues).

Speaking of which: As far as the theme of Cutie Marks and destiny go, I can't but think he has it backwards. To me, at least, it's not so much that your passion is determined by destiny, but more than it's your destiny to do what you're passionate about, and finding your cutie mark is mostly about discovering what you want to do with your life, as opposed to finding out what you're meant to do (keep in mind that Rarity's career isn't the same as her special talent). As such, I seriously doubt that one could get a cutie mark for something they didn't already like. Granted, "Appleloosa's Most Wanted" muddled things up a bit, but that's a discussion for another day.

Anyways. Like I said, this was great. Almost wouldn't mind a continuation of some kind, though I suppose it isn't strictly needed.

This is great.

I was a bit confused as to how exactly it connects to Doctor Who - but in retrospect, it seems the story is more inspired by it, rather than a crossover. It works all right, though, especially for people who haven't watched Doctor Who.

Also, I thought Minuette was going to be given more attention from the way you wrote those lines.

Other than that, no complaints! This is a very good story. The Doctor's relation with Derpy felt very natural.

I really like this story. I expect I'll be reading Exit Through Canterlot eventually. In the meantime I've added all your stories to my "read later," as they all look good.

"Tour Your sister is right, little one," I tell her.

I've never gotten around to having it fixed, but with a new clock expert in town now, I figure it's the best time to get it looked at.

The girl seems frozen; I doubt she get gets talked to like that very often.

unfathomable amounts of time keeping the universes in check and chanting them at a whim to prevent disaster

Probably meant to be "changing."

I know very little about Dr. Who compared to my friends, and I'll probably never watch the show (I'd want to start from season one, but that's not happening), but I was still thoroughly captivated by this. The pacing, character writing, and themes were all handled expertly. In short, there's a reason no one's disliked this yet. :raritywink:

6149106 The story is surprisingly not very Doctor Who themed. In fact, I can find very little resemblance between Doctor Whooves in this story and the Doctor in Doctor Who.
The only similarity (and a tenuous one at best) is that they both save civilizations while traveling throughout time.
As a former Doctor Who fan, I can say that I had just as much context of this story as you.
Also, if you plan on starting Doctor Who, here's a little start-up knowledge. The series started way back in the 1960s or so. It kind of phased in and out, and recently (2000s), there's been a sort of reboot. This reboot continues the series and doesn't start over, but no former knowledge is needed to start watching from the reboot. A lot of fans, in fact, just watch the reboot without watching the old series.
I encourage you to watch Doctor Who from the reboot (the old series had pacing issues if you compare it with the reboot series), and remember: the 10th Doctor is the best Doctor!


Which one is the one Netflix has?

6151063 Netflix has both the old series and the new series. The one that looks sci-fi-y and has awesome looking font is the right one. Search up Doctor Who and you should be able to easily distinguish between the two.

Mmm... I like it. It's very different from the original concept of the TimeLord, but also is very similar.

now i love dr who my favroute doctor is the 11th but your twist and diffrences are diffrent its not just the old timelord its a new species and a diffrent doctor

As the others are saying, the story is so different from most like this, and yet it feels familiar. A great job, well done!

A lovely little tale~

Of the many stories I have read, this is a good story. Not many stories can feel so alive while sitting stuck in a clock shop.

Author Interviewer

Damn. Enjoy your +100. :D

Woah, shortskirtsandexplosions was involved in this project? The writing reminded me of Background Pony, a lot, and I might even say that the two could exist in the same universe. I recognized their style, a bit, with the whole "depressed, dark, and all-around a bad time" theme, with the writing being outstanding.
I'm about three years too late to this party, but whatever, this is still a great story.

Thank you, Noble Jurist.

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