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The Great and Powerful Trixie works alone, and needs no apprentices! But when she sees the pain and loneliness in Lighthoof's eyes, the young mare's troubles remind Trixie of herself. She thus decides to help Lighthoof show the bullies in her home town that she is indeed a magical mare by getting her into Celestia's School for Gifted Unicorns. But can Trixie's tricks really help Lighthoof have the confidence to endure such a trial?

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A sweet, uplifting story about finding your way, even when others say it's the wrong way.

I really like how Trixie was able to open up and help a pony who needed some guidance to grow into her own. There really needs to be an episode like this.

Great work!


I'm so glad you like it!

After her reformation by Twilight, I always saw Trixie as a pony who feels a need to pay it forward. But because she isn't rich and accompanied by five devoted friends, she has a real hard time of it.

So that's why I created Lighthoof - Trixie's new best friend and most prized student.

Incredible story. Loved it. Indeed, there's more to magic than having a horn.

Also nice to see that Trixie has made genuine peace with Ponyville without having changed her personality to any drastic degree. Still a boastful and proud performer, but it's who she is.


She still has a big opinion of herself. But she knows she needs to back that up now.

I'm glad you liked it!

Great premise and great story! Any chance of the sequel? Particurally of a certain nightmare night?


Glad you liked it!

I don't tend to write sequels.

Damn..... oh well still a great story. Luckily its one of the few stories that don't need a sequel.

This was surprisingly enjoyable.


I'm so glad you liked it!

Sweet, touching, and...



Did Trixie just kidnap someone?


She was an adult joining Trixie of her own free will.

I can't help it if Lighthoof makes bad decisions.

A pony is never too old for a hug. Therefore a pony is never too old for a stuffed animal

Why is it that I am going to use that line as a philosophy

And add another to the "Trixie is somehow great with foals" bin


Foals are easier to impress and entertain than full grown horses. So Trixie's limited abilities go over better with foals than grownups.

Sorry, I don't know if I missed something or if it was explicitly stated but I was under the impression that Light Hoof was a child.


Why is she trying to get into college, then?

That was a very enjoyable story, though I'm pretty sure in cannon that Trixie did enter the school of gifted unicorns. :twilightsmile:


Nothing in any of the books, show or comics indicates as much. There's no indication as to where she was educated, or if she was self educated.


Back in season 1 Lauren Faust actually twittered a bit more background information about Trixie.

One of them was that Trixie actually had entered Celestia school of gifted unicorns. :twilightsmile:

And even from Boast Busters I could tell Trixie was indeed better in magic then most Unicorns. Only Twilight was better because she had way more raw magical reserves. Just consider for a moment that with her magic Trixie defeated 3 of the main 6. So that means to me Trixie was never a pushover. She just bit more then she could chew.
The number of different spells she used in Boast Busters alone is still more then any other Unicorn with exception of Twilight we have seen so far. So to me that is a clear indication that Trixie must have some serious education in the fields magic.

Let me remind you that Trixie special talent is magic just like Twilight. So with all that info and with Lauren Faust Twitter I can say it actually pretty cannon that Trixie indeed successfully entered that School. :twilightsmile:


I didn't know about the Twitter canon. Still, I'm glad I could make Trixie a sweetie in this story.

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