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"You think you know me..."


The Great and Powerful Trixie has been a traveling showmare for most of her life, but for the past few years has taken a part-time job as guidance councilor at the School of Friendship. Surprisingly, she's not only good at it but has come to enjoy it with the students liking her as a result. Because of her success, Headmare Starlight Glimmer has asked Trixie to work full time, but this would mean giving up her traveling lifestyle. After some thought, she agrees, but decides to do one final show before hanging up the cape and hat for good.

*Commissioned by SuperSonicHeroes*

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Great job with this! It turned out even better than I hoped it would. Thanks again.

That was an awesome story

Too many feels! Almost as many ups and downs as that famous Las Pegasus roller coaster that closed.

Very well done.

Enjoyed the story enough, well done. I can see Trixie giving a last performance her all. Not sure she's at the place she is in this story at the end of the show, but she only just started as councillor there.

Noticed one typo: When ponies learned that you used to do your shoes here (shoes should be shows of course).

"Can't say that there isn't logic in what you're saying," Starlight admitted before shaking her head. "But you do realize it's me? You're best friend?"

*Your best friend.

"I'll get it right away, babe," Double Jack said as he walked out towards the door but paused. He turned around and gave a warm look. "Trix? Retried or not? You'll always have a home here. Never forget that."

*Retired or not.

Other than those and a few other errors (which I've regrettably lost track of), this was incredible. Trixie comes to life here, and the scene when she first enters the Raj is a beautiful 'home-away-from-homecoming.' Is it bad that I felt sad when Trixie put away her hat and cape at the end, though? Like she said, her mother repaired that for her, and the emphasis on her family life in this makes me think that she really identified it with her parents, her mother's practical help and her father's inspiration.

Now that I think about it, this story's really all about that outfit and Trixie putting it away; her time in the School of Friendship is a nice look at how much she's improved, her journey to the Raj is a nostalgic look at where she came from, and her final show is a perfect significant event in her life, both opening a new chapter as full-time guidance counselor (symbolized by her thoughts for her students after hearing about the earthquake) and closing her chapter as a traveling performer (symbolized by her putting away her outfit, which also symbolizes her growing up, becoming more than the product of her parents' too-brief love). Trixie outgrew that outfit, however good it might be and however much love may have been put into it; this story is about her recognizing that and coming to terms with it.

Personally, I wouldn't mind seeing more of this Trixie in future, either memories of her time before this or the memories she makes afterwards; you write her wonderfully, especially her past.

*applauds fiercely as curtain descends*

That just shows how much did Trixie grow as a pony. Splendid!

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