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A lady who thinks you're never too old for mlp. Also an author and amateur artist who loves the night because of Princess Luna. I'm also working on the biggest story of my life, so wish me luck!


Pharynx and Thorax got into a big fight, and now Pharynx is feeling pretty guilty about it. He flies to Ponyville to maybe get Twilight's advice. She isn't there, but her big brother is.

(Written for the May 2021 Odd Pairing Contest)

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Great job on this! I do wish we could have seen Thorax and Pharynx make up, but I realize this is meant to be centered around Shining and Pharynx. I like how we can at least assume they apologized and talked it out. Anyway, wonderful job, well done!

Hmm. Maybe I'll do a sequel.

Ooh, that would be interesting

Would you want to work on it with me? I could use the ideas. I have a basic idea already forming, but someone to read it before I officially publish it would be great!

Sure, if you want the help, I'd be happy to give it a read-through before it's published!

Great. I'll send you the password when I have written it in a couple weeks.

Ooh! More Pharynx stories!

I think it was good. I feel it’s a little exposition-y, but otherwise I think it’s a solid story!


Good story! Loved how you tied the events of the show together. Though I wouldn't mind hearing your take on that conversation Shining had with Twilight after the wedding.

“Hey Pharynx! What brings you to the Castle of Friendship so early in the morning?” Spike asked, holding his talon out.

Talon don't you mean claw?

Hmm. I will have to think about that for a future story idea.

Well... he is a dragon. I'm a huge Wof, and they always say talon as the equivalent of a hand, and the claw is well, the claws.

Aww thats so sweet here having Pharynx asking for a siblings problem but instead of Twilight it's Shining Armor and makes sense since it's basically an older siblings talked which is cool those two talk about it I hope this will help Pharynx to be more supportive to thorax and there relationships 😊 this was a good story keep up the good work

Brightened my day, you should write a sequel where Thorax hassles Pharynx about seeing Luna that would be a comical read.

Thank you! <3

I am planning on writing a sequel to this where we she Pharynx and Thorax make up.

I had actually thought of that :rainbowlaugh:

But before I do that, I was going to do one where they make up. Although a Trequel :raritywink: I think would be in order.

Oh wow thats cool can't wait 😊

I really liked this! The only think that I think could use improvement here is some small grammatical errors that can easily be fixed. :twilightsmile:

“You don’t know how to run a hive Thorax! You are so soft and weak and how the hive hasn’t fallen apart already is beyond me!” Pharynx shouted, pacing around in Thorax's bedroom.

... hive, Thorax! ... weak, and ...

Thorax closed his eyes for a moment, and took a deep breath in. He then opened his eyes, and looked down at the ground as he pawed the floor with his hoof. “I don’t always go off with her. Also she isn’t my girlfriend, just my friend. Yes I go to her for advice, but she knows these sorts of things. So it makes sense that I would. So I don’t know why you are complaining. This is what you wanted me to learn after all.”

... Also, she ... Yes, I ...

Pharynx strode right up to his brother, and shoved Thorax in the chest with his hoof. “First of all look me in the eyes when you are speaking! Also don’t mumble! How is anyone supposed to take you seriously when you seem like such a pathetic joke? Second, she is a dragon! Not a changeling. They do things differently than we do. They don’t know how we work, and besides, we need to take charge of our own people vs. Turning to some forign power. That makes us look weak! We need to stand on our own! Don’t you see?” Pharynx cried as he looked Thorax in the eyes.

... Fires of all, look ... Also, don't mumble! ... Second do all, she ...

Pharynx was a little taken aback. How could Thorax suggest that he didn’t care. Pharynx cared alright, not just about the hive, but also his little brother. Thorax though just seemed to brush off Pharynx’s worries like they were nothing. What if during one of his meetings with Ember he started to ask for more than just assertiveness lessons? What if he started asking her things like how the hive should run, or what they should practice, or even what he should do if he was feeling nervous? Why Ember, and not his big brother?

... How could Thorax suggest that he didn't care? ...

“Of course I do!” Pharynx cried. Did Thorax really think he didn’t care? All he had ever done was care! “Just because you don’t see it, doesn’t mean that I don’t!”

... "Just because you don't see it doesn't mean that I don't! ...

It was night, and a cool breeze was in the air. The moon was half, and the sky was littered with stars. One star in particular seemed to be laughing at him. Pharynx glared at it. Then the wind picked up for a moment, blowing some dust into Pharynx’s face. He sneezed, rubbed his eyes, and shook his head. He spread his wings and took flight, heading away from the hive with no real destination in mind, only that he get as far away as possible from the hive. As he was flying with the wind in his face, the reality of what had just happened struck him.

... no real destination in mind, only hoping to get as far away as possible ...

And that is where Pharynx was headed now. He had been thinking how to explain his situation to Twilight so he didn’t sound like a total fool. As Ponyville came into sight, Pharynx’s hope rose. His hope that he would be able to set things right again between him and his brother. He flew down to Twilight's Castle and knocked. When Spike answered, he seemed a little surprised, but he didn’t say anything much. Just basic questions you would expect if a changeling general who was supposed to be back at the hive showed up at your front doorstep at five in the morning.

... He had been thinking about how ...

“So what brings you here today?”

"So, what brings you here today?"

Shining Armor raised an eyebrow. “We have it pretty good,'' he said. “A few bumps here or there, but hey that’s normal for every sibling out there!”

... but hey, that's ...

Shining Armor nodded with a smile on his face. “I get it. Some tips I would give are: You need to listen to him. As the older sibling you may feel as though you know everything, but you would be surprised. You also need to to trust him making his own decisions and trust that he will do the best for those under his rule. Something I can compare is when I helped Cadence rule the Crystal Empire before Twilight became a Princess. But if I was always telling her how to do her job… well I don't think she would appreciate it very much. Another thing, and probably the most important, let him know you are there for him, and that you support him. It can be hard to let your guard down and put your pride away, from personal experience, but it will go a long way. You need to be real with him, talk and communicate with him, and overall just let him know that he can count on you. But you need to count on him as well.”

... As the older sibling, you may feel ... well, I don't think ...

Shining Armor walked up to Pharynx and put his hoof on his shoulder. “Hey, I get that. I was super protective of my little sister too. But when she saves the world 5+ times, becomes a princess, and now knows more than I do in some areas, you realize that she is able to take care of herself. As for counting on someone else… well Twilight is sure to confine her worries to her friends long before me, if at all. But sometimes she will send me a letter asking for advice, so that helps. Thing is, that as they grow and expand, it can be hard to let them go because you are so used to them depending on you. It is kinda hard to realize, but even though they don’t come to you like they may once have, you still hold significance in their lives.”

... well, Twilitht is sure to confine ...

Pharynx lowered his head a bit as he thought, Is this what I need to do with Thorax? Just accept how he leads the Hive and goes to Ember all the time? I’ve never been one to be open about feelings, that is Thorax’s department. But Thorax is right… we have all changed since Queen Chrysalis left. Maybe it’s time I changed, and talk about my emotions for once. Or twice, or however long I need to. As for him being capable enough… he was the one to help take down Chrysalis and the first to reform, and he definitely has the physical buildup that signifies his position. I’m second in command, and maybe it’s time for me to fully accept that without putting down my little brother. As for Ember, well I guess a dragon is the best candidate to help build up toughness. I guess all I can do is be the best me I can be, and be there for Thorax if he needs me.

... As for Ember, well, I guess ...

As Pharynx flew back to the hive to talk with Thorax and get everything sorted out, a stray thought sprang into his mind. You know it was funny how that one star was always there. The stars belong to the night, which belongs to Princess Luna…

... You know, it was funny how ...

I hope that this was helpful! Also, I hope that you do well in the contest!

I legitimately enjoyed this story. I'd really hate to see it go.

Worst comes to worst, there's an option to download a text file of the story. It's under the downwards-facing triangle.

Hello, we have completed a review for this story over on My Little Reviews & Feedback. I hope you find it helpful! :twilightsmile:

To the author - awesome story girl. only is change some of the wording and maybe not have almost everything be in italics (like the flashback scene at beginning with thorax and his brother for example)
it's a shame ya don't write anymore cause of irl stuff/issues, that's fine but the door is always open for your return whenever you feel like coming back🤗:heart:

p.s: here's a fun conversation/exchange between shining armor & pharynx - www.fimfiction.net/story/432814/mine-is-dorkier-than-yours

this message was written out on 5/13/22

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