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It's true, you know. In space, no one can hear you scream like a little girl.


Why does Trixie travel? What causes her soul to hunger for the open roads?

What does she leave behind?

Cover vector by sofunnyguy on DeviantArt.

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Stellar work, my friend. You've packed a whole lot of feels and history into a very neat package, and done it well. :twilightsmile:

Good Job. You had a lot going on here, yet you made it short, simple, and it didn't feel like it was being shoved down my throat.

Good show old bean, jolly good show indeed. :moustache:

I can only agree with previous comments. You managed to convey a lot of emotion - Trixie's mixed feelings about her mother and her past, the misery in her present life, and the hopefulness for her future in making up with Twilight. What's more, you didn't bother going into excessive detail, instead using broad strokes to establish facts like her past - since most people have some experience with ostracization, it's very easy to imagine how she must've felt, so readers can fill in those details on their own. It's actually a very good method, all in all. Likewise the cut to the library was sudden but made sense, you could easily imagine the omitted scene in between.

I would like to see this going further, but on the other hand it's enough on its own.

This site can't have enough Trixie fics.
Expertly done, my good sir/madam. My feels just barely endured your story. I would like nothing more than to reach out and give Trixie a hug.


Ah, don't we all.
Thanks for stopping by and giving it a read. Cheers!

I hope you go more into detail of Spike not trusting Trixie, after what she did to him in that God-Awful "Magic Duel" episode, I wonder what's gonna happen next. :-)

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