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The Unlikeliest of Places is back on! · 8:24pm Nov 8th, 2015

As the title so explicitly implies, I've removed the hiatus tag from The Unlikeliest of Places. This is because it is no longer on hiatus. I'm writing more of it. Funny how that works.

This means that Romance in Adagio will be on hold for the next little while while I work on this other story, but I will eventually finish it. Adagio was getting a little too dry for my liking, so I'm taking a break to cleanse my palate with something a bit more whimsical.

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You like poetry? · 7:19pm Sep 27th, 2015

I like poetry.

If you like poetry, here's some top-notch wordsmithery for you. If you don't like poetry, this is the guy who's gonna change your mind.

Here's some poetry.

(Long Version, if you like)

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Back from the dead, with a story to tell · 5:57am Aug 15th, 2015

Hey guys.

It's ancient history by now, but you may recall that I once wrote stories on this site. It was a good time. I had fun, you had fun, it was all so very . . . fun.

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Ladies and Gentlemen, it's been a ride · 4:28am Jan 3rd, 2014

Hey, guys.

It's me.

This has to be my record for longest bout of radio silence, with no stories, blog posts, or even comments. The reason for this is kind of disheartening: the fire that kept me going during the Melodious Desideratum days has been reduced to mere cinders. I no longer have a real passion to write, and I thought I would let you all know before I excuse myself to an indefinite hiatus.

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The Goings On as of Right Now · 7:33pm Sep 27th, 2013

For starters, I'd just like to thank you for all the support and love that The Kiss in his Eyes has been getting. Starting this story, I had no idea how it would sit with you, and I'm so happy to see that you're liking it, and I'm sorry that I haven't been able to update all that regularly. I have no better excuse, other than the fact that I've been busy as of late. When I get some free time, I'd love to just sit down for a few hours and write, but unfortunately, this is all I can do for

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Having a Bad Day? · 1:41am Aug 21st, 2013

Not anymore.

(Broken YouTube feature. Have to click the link manually like some kind of animal)

As for me . . . well, I'm still alive, for one.

Let me start off by apologizing profusely for remaining completely silent for the past three months. I'm sorry.
. . .
Now that that's out of the way, let me 'splain why I was gone.

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For those of you who thought that Equestria Girls was going to end the fandom as we know it . . . · 7:55pm Jun 22nd, 2013

It didn't.

It was actually quite good. I liked it a lot.

If you haven't seen it yet, I would wholeheartedly recommend it.

That is all.



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Welp. I've done it again. · 4:26pm May 18th, 2013

No updates since a few weeks ago.
No Sing Like You Can't Be Heard, no random one-shots. One blog post with about twenty words, but that was just a holiday acknowledgement.

We've reached that time of year again, ladies and gentlemen. That time when teachers seem inclined to shove our noses down onto the grindstone far harder than would be recommended, all for the sake of pursuing high test scores.

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Happy Mother's Day! · 4:20am May 12th, 2013

Observe the work of John Joseco. Man has some nice arts.

Make sure to tell the person who brought you into this world that you love 'em!

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For Lack of a Better Title · 7:03pm Apr 20th, 2013

You know, I've been recently thinking about the phrase, "six feet under".
I really like that phrase. It has a really nice ring to it, no? I'm not thinking about it in the sense of someone being dead and buried, but more so focusing on the appealing nature of the words. It's a great juxtaposition of words, is all I'm saying. I'd love to find a place to use it, but that sort of implies that I'd have to kill someone to do it. And that's not fun, not in a Slice of Life story. We'll see, eh?

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