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Had a Crazy Couple of Months (Plus Voice Reveal) · 11:22pm Mar 23rd, 2020

So remember how I said a couple months ago that I had a bunch of things planned, including audiobook versions of some of my fics up on YouTube?

Well, I have made some progress on things, but man has my life been chaotic of late.

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WandererD Could Use Some Assistance · 11:12pm Mar 11th, 2020

Beloved author WandererD got blindsided by what looks like some financial chicanery, and he could use some help getting through it.

More info from him after the link.

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New DS Chapter, and Bugsy Plan Update · 11:51pm Feb 4th, 2020

First, let's get excuses out of the way: Horrible roommates at school, worsening migraines (I'm taking care of those now), internship, family chaos, general laziness, alpha-reading an epic novel (seriously, check out Max Florschutz (aka VikingZX)'s

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Signal Boost: For the Benefit of Yaks by SirNotAppearingInThisFic · 7:47pm Nov 9th, 2019

EFor the Benefit of Yaks
Prince Rutherford is going to take Yakyakistan to space the only way they know how: large explosions.
SirNotAppearingInThisFic · 7.9k words  ·  75  1 · 817 views

In case you haven't noticed yet, my favorite editor is also a pretty darned good writer. Having helped edit his new fic for FoME's Imposing Sovereigns II contest, I can confidently say it's among his best work. And if you liked the last fic of his I recced (a certain one about an archaeologist in the Dragonlands), then you're bound to like this one as well.

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Holy in Trouble · 12:34am Sep 25th, 2019

Holy posted a suicide note to Fimfiction recently. If you have any info to help track them down (apparently someone already has their name and phone number), then please post the info to Estee's blog post.

I don't know Holy, but that doesn't matter. Just do what you can to help.

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Amber Spice, in the Floof! · 12:58am Jul 14th, 2019

Remember that one time I won a Sparity shipfic contest in January with a fic that topped the feature box on Christmas?

Well my prize just arrived, and she is definitely worth the weight wait.

(Pics below the break.)

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Merry Birthmas 2019 · 8:10am Jun 17th, 2019

June 16 2019 has come and gone. Father's Day, my birthday, and the day of the Oakland Temple's rededication (which I got to attend). Not bad, all in all, if a little tiring.

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The Crystal and the Mirage (and Unbalanced Scales) Now Have a Tropes Page · 3:17am May 23rd, 2019

Said page can be found here.

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It's 2019, and I'm Still Here · 8:00am Jan 7th, 2019

2018 sure was a long year, eh? It started off with a promising (at the time) not-quite-a-job-interview the day after watching the Falcon Heavy launch, and then just kinda fell into a seemingly never-ending stream of shenanigans after that. I joined the rest of the world in becoming a little too obsessed with Elon Musk and his companies, and facepalmed very hard at the dumb things he did on Twitter. I passed an accounting class taught by a literal heretic (the fact that he's allowed to preach

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Unbalanced Scales is at the Top of the Featured Box, and I Don't Know What to Do! · 11:47pm Dec 24th, 2018

So uh, this is a first for me. The previous fic in this series was my first to make it into the feature box at all (apart from the section reserved for fic updates), but I have never had a fic reach the top of the box.

Until now.

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