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Georg - The Author, His Stories, and Some Places for His Stuff · 6:07pm May 2nd, 2014

(updated 2/25/17 because I was reminded.)

Hi, I’m Georg (Hi Georg!) and I write pony fiction. I decided to do this static blog posting as a map to all of the stories I’ve written over the last two years, because sometimes even I get confused about where things are. Below the break, you will find a fairly-organized list of my stories so that you can read the parts you want and not miss anything interesting. I’ve even included one April Fool entry to make it interesting and an upcoming story snippet.

I’ve actually been writing for the last (mumble) years, and… what’s that? I was mumbling? Okay, twenty. Are you happy now, kid? Now get off my lawn. Anyway, that can be considered as 18 years scratching notes on a GURPS based Swords and Sorcery novel while writing about a thousand words a year, and five years writing ponies at over a hundred thousand words a year. Yes, that is quite an increase in productivity (or counter-productivity, I suppose). 1.5 million words and counting. I should get a hobby. Oh, wait...

I have to blame my kids for getting me hooked on ponies. I started off looking over their shoulders at what they were watching on YouTube and the next thing I knew, I was was writing “Two Unicorns” (see below) and actually posting it.

I write because it’s fun, and I’m enjoying the learning process that comes with it. Hopefully I can get my readers laughing and crying at the same time. I don’t write anything that I would be ashamed to show my relatives, so no gore or naughty bits, but I have pushed the envelope quite a bit in that regard since I started. More on that later.

I’ve been pretty wide-ranging with what I write, ranging from a Bolo fic to a Romantic Comedy and a Action/Adventure story and about everything in between including a fairly simple and straightforward etiquette guide for FimFic readers/writers, but let’s get to why you are reading this.

What are the best stories that you’ve written?

“Best” is at best a subjective term, so I’ll break this down by size and popularity. I really haven’t written anything that I’m too ashamed to publish, so let’s give this a run. Caution: Includes spoilers.

Top Ranked - In Celestia We Trust - All Others Pay Cash (Featured on EqD in a collection of stories with Bad Horse and Dennis the Menace)
Summary: Princess Celestia goes out on a whim for an ice cream cone and discovers just how shaky her own personal finances are, leading to a fiscal catastrophe that could threaten the status of the entire nation.

This is the first story that I had the nerve to submit to EqD thanks to urging by Bad Horse, whom I owe a great debt of gratitude (along with a kidney, several children, and 20 million dollars in small unmarked bills). It also has lurked around the top of the Fimfiction charts the longest, which is why I’m putting it first.

A War of Words - The Opening of the Guard (Featured on EqD)
Summary: Written in the “Collection of Notes” style, the story covers the circumstances around the introduction of mares to the Royal Guard intermixed with the constant pranking war that goes on between the Royal Sisters.

The sequel, The Night Guard - Night Mares tells the story of the four female police officers who join the Night staff on a temporary basis until the first female cadets get through the academy. Needless to say there is some resistance on the part of the stallions about giving up this exclusivity to their ranks. There may be another sequel, depending on time.

The stories that brought Ripple to so many hearts:
The One Who Got Away (Featured on EqD)
Summary: When Gaberdine is awarded a noble title by Princess Celestia, he soon finds out that his new lands contain several surprises. For starters, there is no land in his new barony. Secondly, his new castle turns out to be a broken-down riverboat. And third is… seaponies. Welcome to the Barony of Fen.

Sea-quil(sorry) Drifting Down the Lazy River
Summary: A frustrated young orphan colt with a talent for painting is determined to run away from his dead-end rural village for the distant cultural haven of Baltimare. All he needs to do is slip aboard a raft and drift down the river Fen until he reaches his destination. It’s a simple plan, and would have worked just fine except for one thing.

Daring Do and the Dance (Featured on EqD)
Summary: The odd love story of a disposable minion of Dread Ahuizotl and his love for Daring Do. Not the book. The pony.

“The first time we danced, she broke my jaw in three places…”

Multi-Part and World Building:
Action/Adventure - The Monster in the Twilight (Alternate Universe) TV Tropes page Featured on EqD
Summary: Twilight Sparkle loses control during her entrance exam to Celestia’s school in a self-destructive feedback loop that almost pulls the sun down on top of Canterlot. Unable to save the mortally wounded power-mad filly, Princess Celestia teleports her into the Everfree Forest, expecting her to die of her wounds. Instead, she survives as a mentally-damaged monster after being rescued by Zecora. For the next twelve years she roams the Everfree Forest in constant pain, mothered over by Zecora in her rational times and loosing her uncontrolled power on the forest during the bad times. After she meets Apple Bloom, she manages to make more friends in Ponyville, eventually confronting Nightmare Moon in the ruins of the Castle of the Royal Pony Sisters.

Written on an epic scale where Celestia is banished to the sun, Chrysalis has a brief and terminal meeting with Monster, and unbearable pressure is placed on the cosmic threads of prophecy, this is a digital page turner. Please note it has a happy ending, despite the Sad tag. Everypony lives, including Trixie (who I had many suggestions about, mostly terminal)

Sequel - Letters From a Little Princess Monster
Summary: After Princess Luna is saved and Twilight Sparkle is reborn (Hey, I told you there were spoilers), there is still considerable work to be done to rebuild both of their lives. Now the terrified Monster who has survived the Everfree Forest faces a much greater challenge to her courage: Ponyville.

Follow Monster and her little friends as they explore a world of fascinating new things and concepts while driving Trixie and the other adults crazy. No, Trixie still doesn’t die. Sorry. This is an active story with chapters still being published as I go along, but I’m not going to kill Trixie no matter how many people want me to. Well, here at least. I will embarrass the heck out of her. Broken into story arcs for readability, and continued as the author gets time, although it’s fairly stable at this point.

Romantic Comedy - The Traveling Tutor and the Librarian TVTropes Page Featured on EqD
Summary: When a traveling unicorn magic teacher returns to Ponyville for a routine three month tutoring of the town’s young unicorn students, he finds a great number of changes have swept over the small town since his last visit, in particular, a rather arrogant young unicorn librarian who dislikes him on first sight. (It probably didn’t help that he throws a bucket of water in her face and returns a mangled reference book that he had checked out last year) Over the next few months (and considerably more water), their relationship goes from overtly hostile to friendly to something a little more than friendship, until it is time for him to leave for his next assignment.

Yes, it’s a Twilight x OC shipfic which has ruffled many wafus (from the downvote numbers), but it’s funny, sweet, touching, and filled with innuendo (“Yes, I slept with him, but it was only sleeping just that once. Well, twice, but I was drunk at the time. Why don’t you believe me?”)

Sequel - The Traveling Tutor and the Diplomat’s Daughter
Summary: Green Grass finds a young princess wandering the Canterlot castle without an escort, and volunteers to show her around and keep her out of trouble while he is waiting for Twilight Sparkle to return from the Crystal Empire. He soon finds Princess Sun Shines to be imaginative, cheerful, and more trouble than he expected, but then again, she is a griffon and only five years old. Together they wander the castle in a learning experience that covers pranks, preening, wedding permissions and a dead fish.

Covers Equestrian/Griffon relationships, some of the loose ends from the first story, the struggles Greenie and Twilight are going through with their relationship, and ends in a hook for a sequel.

Sequel - The Traveling Tutor and the Royal Exam
Summary: Twilight finds out she’s pregnant, Green Grass proposes, and the two of them face considerable resistance from the nobility who have certain opinions about the proper mate for an Equestrian princess, and some earth pony school teacher is not on that list.

Includes Blueblood’s dramatic proposal to Twilight (it goes poorly) and his attempts to sabotage the upcoming wedding (even worse), and ties up the Tutorverse in a nice pink bow.

The Nocturne Saga -
Description: I’ve been hooked on batponies ever since I saw Luna Eclipsed. The first time I wrote one as a character, I was writing “To Sleep” and needed a poor schlub of a guard to get his tail slammed in a door by Luna. Since then, I’ve tapped the poor guy as a bedtime teddy bear and a personal valet for Luna, a personal guard for the most annoying (and crazy) Nocturne mare in existence, an escort for an ambassador to the Griffons in which he almost gets killed and eaten, and as a new father (the most frightening of the bunch). He’s also escorted Santa Hooves’ sled and showed up in Monster in the Twilight alternate universe, so he’s had a busy life.

In chronological order with my personal star (*) rating (Note: My writing has gotten better with time, so you may want to skip forward a few stories)
(**) To Sleep, Perchance to Dream — Princess Luna is driven into insomnia by guilt while she struggles to accept her sister’s forgiveness for her crimes. It does not help her conscience that the guards who protect her are the descendents of her surviving victims from that murderous night, and revere her as a goddess of their entire Nocturne race.
(*) Two Unicorns Walk Into a Village — A Royal Courier on his deliveries in Ponyville is accompanied by a disguised Princess Luna.
(***) Genealogy (or The Mating Habits of nocturnes pegasi) — Royal Hoofmaiden Laminia is assigned to Rarity while they work on a new fashion design for the Night Court. The Night Guard Pumpernickel is assigned to guard her. How will two big-city Nocturne handle small-town Ponyville while trying to do their jobs?
(***) Diplomacy by Other Means — Pumpernickel and Laminia are assigned to escort a diplomat to doomed peace negotiations in a griffon aeire, but when things come apart, they are forced to fight for their lives when escape is no longer an option. Caution: This story comes with a lot of blood and other disturbing concepts.
( ) Diplomacy Rocks! — In development. Pumpernickel and Laminia travel with Twilight Sparkle on her visit to the human world as the first Equestrian Ambassador, but are forced to take up guitars to defend themselves when the diplomatic meeting is crashed by Sunset Shimmer and her band. Will they be able to defend Twilight from Sunset’s awesome shredding? Is Scootaloo really a chicken? Will Georg ever finish this story? Or is he just trolling?

Nocturne Related
(***) Diplomatic Security — Two hundred years before the events of Diplomacy by Other Means, Pumpernickel’s ancestor finds himself in a fatal no-win situation.
(****) Escort Flight (Featured on EqD) — On Hearth’s Warming Eve, Pumpernickel gets a very special mission.
(****) The Empty Crib — A short story on what it means for Pumpernickel and Laminia to become parents.
(***) Nightfall - Luna’s Reunion — Luna brings the descendents of her followers together to speak with them about what really happened so many years ago.
(**) Foals Tales from the Book of Tradition - History of the Night Pegasi — A series of bedtime stories done from the Nocturne’s perspective.

(****) City of Monsters. Paired with Child of Nightmares and Everfree - Written in mixed perspectives, Dee is an orphaned batpony who is raised by giant bats in the Everfree Forest, unaware of her real origin. Until her father comes into the forest to bring her ‘home.’

One-shots: Christmas
Escort Flight (above)
(****) Yes Twilight Sparkle, There Is a Santa Hooves (Featured on EqD) — Celestia reflects on the past during Hearth’s Warming Eve.
(*) How The Great and Powerful Trixie Stole Hearth’s Warming — A silly story popped together rather quickly about Trixie being a Grinch.

Heart-Ripping Feels
(****) Diamond Tiara Buys a Little Sister (Featured on EqD) — DT discovers just what it costs to buy a little sister.
(**) Celestia Help the Outcasts — A defeated changeling queen pleads for the life of her child.
(**) The Sacrifice of the Knight Bolo — A severely wounded MKXXXII Bolo Combat Unit encounters Equestria. And yes, I wrote a Bolo crossover fic. Deal.

(****) Twilight Sparkle Lays an Egg - Just what it says. Part of the Prankster Princess series.
(****) How Many Princesses Does It Take - The sun has gone out over Equestria. It could mean the end of the world. Or just a bulb.
(****) Daring Do and the Dance — A minion of the Dread Ahuizotl falls for Daring Do, proving that opposites attract, and that love hurts.
(***) Shining Armor and Son - A Loving Parody — My response to a number of ‘Queen Chrysalis Has Shining Armor’s Foal’ stories.
(***) The Cancellation of Prince Blueblood — Blueblood finds out what the punishment is for damaging a book around Twilight Sparkle.
(**) The Stallion Who Fell to Equestria — My take on just what would happen to all of these people who seem to drop in on Equestria on a daily basis.

(***) Concept Art - Captured in Stone — A sculptor travels to Ponyville to make sketches for his newest statue. But how can somepony who does not know anything about friendship ever hope to capture it in stone? My only story submitted to EqD and gone through the whole 3-strike process.
(***) Equestria Daily’s Writer Training Grounds short stories from Season 4.
(***) To the Bugle’s Last Call — A retired Royal Guard returns to service during the changeling invasion. Briefly.
(**) Waiting on Death — The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse wait on Death. It might be a while. He’s writing ponyfic.
(**) Dangerous Goods — Ditzy Do attempts a delivery that goes horribly wrong and gets hurt while saving others.

And as a special bonus for those of you who have read this far, I’m including a smidgen from the upcoming chapter of Flim, Flam and the Little Lost Apple Scam. Enjoy.

* *

Applejack did not relax her guard one iota and made the two uncomfortable stallions remain standing in the dusty lane in front of the house while she went inside and got Granny. The old mare was just as feisty as always, hobbling with her walker over to where the stallions had pulled their wagon under the nearby apple tree. It seemed a little odd, as they had to travel a fair distance away from the house to park, but the shade was welcome on the hot afternoon, as well as the pitcher of iced apple juice that Granny insisted she bring along.

“What kinda mischief you two scoundrels planning to drag an old mare into, huh? You want a cookie with that juice, youngster?”

Flim looked at the plate of cinnamon-apple cookies being passed to him and took one off the top of the stack. “Thank you, Granny Smith.”

“Indeed,” agreed Flam, who had his own glass and two cookies in addition. “I knew you would not be one to turn family away from your door, unlike your granddaughter.”

“Family!?” Applejack snorted and waved a hoof. “You two is no more kin to us than that wagon!”

“I beg your pardon,” said Flim, holding a hoof across his chest. “That is no way to speak to your second cousins, once removed by marriage.”

“Your great-great-grandmother Maltese Orange is our great-granny too,” said Flam. “Shocked us to our seeds when we looked up our family orange tree and found an apple or twelve.”

“Could we really be related to Pinkie Pie?” asked Flim, although after a firm glance from Flam, cleared his throat and continued, “I mean, my brother and I seem to have found ourselves in a pickle, so to speak, and we are in need of assistance.”

“The kind of help that only a family can provide,” said Flam.

“Ah ain’t helpin’ you with none of your schemes,” said Applejack with a fierce scowl. “Jes pack up yer wagon and haul it outa here afore ah kick your worthless—”

“Applejack Jackquilyn Apple,” snapped Granny Smith. “You be polite to these worthless scoundrels or I’ll take a switch to your hide. Now, what kinda help was it you two low-lives need, other than a place to hide out between schemes?”

The sounds of a small foal sniffing and a small cry came from the wagon, and Flim reached inside it with his magic in order to float out a small bundle of cloth. Inside, a tiny unicorn foal blinked in the sunlight, waving little golden-brown hooves with an adorable squint that only showed a few tiny glimpses of the green eyes she was trying to cover. She opened her toothless mouth in a wide yawn and smacked her lips, as if awaiting the food she knew was going to be coming soon. Or else.

“Your cousin’s name is Apple Sprout,” said Flim, holding the unicorn foal up to his chest. “And she’s my daughter.”

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I'm Commander FanOfMostEverything, and this is my favorite author on the Citadel.
(Seriously though, for those future people who might be unfamiliar with Georg's work, he's several kinds of awesome.)

Tell your children thank you for accidentally converting you into a pony fan. Your writing skills have given me many hours of entertainment.:twilightsmile:

Sequel - The Traveling Tutor and the Royal Exam (pending)


I need to find a time machine so I can read this today. So excited. :yay:

Hopefully it's a long story.

Don't forget "In Celestia We Trust, All Others Pay Cash " and "A War of Words - The Opening of the Guard "

2071489 Heck, my two highest-ranked fics. Yeah, I'll get to editing. Thanks!

Author Interviewer

Wait, you're a guy? <.<

I'm kinda going to check everything anyway, but thanks for the map :)
Well, except for "The Monster in the Twilight" and sequel possibly - description seems too dark/sad for my liking.

2074414 Well, I took great care to keep from going too dark and to avoid the blood-splatter of many gore fics. Admittedly I do tend to the cliffhanger end to chapters, but give it a couple chapters to see if you like it.

I'm frankly astounded that you rate Two Unicorns so low-- I recently read it for the first time (going, "I need something to read that I know I'll like. Georg! I don't have time for Monster... or Tutor... oh, hey, I still haven't read this!") and I think it's just about my favorite. Just... it was such a wonderful mix of whimsy and wisdom. I loved it.

Just like I love all the stuff you've written (and published-- if that Diplomacy Rocks! thing actually posts, a little piece of me will die...). I even like the progression I see in your style and form; the early stuff may be a little rougher, but there's still that sense of a good STORY being there, no matter if the words are as polished as other stories.

And the later ones really are polished... the darkness in Diplomacy is addictive, and has tinted some of my recent scribbling. And The Empty Crib just about tore me up.

TL;DR, your writing means a heck of a lot to me- I've enjoyed it immensely, and learned a lot from reading it. Getting to help proofread a chapter or two of Monster was a bit of an honor, too, I still appreciate you asking me to do that. Some of the best time I've spent on a Google Doc, getting to see how someone with a track record of good multi-chapter stories works on them.

Thank you for this comment.
Read and upvoted both :)
While I do like tutorverse much more than monsterverse
(because Twilight ;) and because tutorverse seems much more consistent to me) -
these stories are really nice.
Now after reading, I do not get why did you tag 'letters' as 'sad' though.

Sequel - The Traveling Tutor and the Royal Exam (pending)

...I thought you said you fixed this? It's still not a link, and still says "pending" :unsuresweetie:

Not having "The One Who Got Away" or "Drifting Down the Lazy River", this really needs updating...

--Sweetie Belle

4436238 Ok, good point. I'll put Equestria : 1940 on hold for a little bit today and get to work. I promise.


That's the trouble with static posts like this. It's hard to remember to keep 'em up to date. It definitely needs a section for those two stories and any sequels. I wonder what the barons of the lands to either side of the Barony of Fen think about Gaberdine and his barony?

--Sweetie Belle

3031156 Heck, I missed this again until SweetAI Belle reminded me. Fixed for sure now.
4436256 Ok, I should have it updated now. Thanks for the nudge.


No problem!

--Sweetie Belle

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