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Nothing special here, move along, nothing to see, just ignore the lump under the sheet and the red stuff...


Green Grass has a new little student named Ooo to escort during Nightmare Night. A very special student, unlike any he has ever seen before.

Let's hope he can survive the experience, and everypony involved learns something from it.

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Enjoy Nightmare Night everypony. And give out lots of good candy. Or else.

I've got a blog post over here detailing some of the fun in putting this together. I cranked out a lot of odd shorts in October, and parts may show up in other stuff like Frankenstein's Monster. (Hey, a good kidney is hard to find. Gotta use 'em where you need 'em.)

This child-centered story is one of my Halloween story traditions that I started back with the duo City of Monsters and Child of Nightmares and Everfree. There are no cute adorable wild batpony children in this one, although there is a cute adorable colt, which you’ll have to read the story to find out about. Enjoy!

It's amazing the people you'll meet on All Hallows eve.

I was hunting for some Halloween stories this year and this one did not disappoint. Looks like friendship really does get the job done, lol. Thank you for fleshing this out and completing it.

What a beautiful night to have a curse...the curse of empathy for others.

But what is a Dark gift but a Blessing and Curse...like the magic of friendship?

For all magic has a price, the toll for the magic of friendship...being there for others.

But was a fun sized or full sized NuttyOatyOat bar?

I can imagine Greenie's Post-Halloween Hangover would be of legendary proportions.

“Still no NuttyOatyOat bars, sis?”

I see Green Grass and Sergeant Pokey have been trading notes. Frost might need to have a word with Chrysalis, though, since she’s been trying to give the things away. :rainbowlaugh:

Well we have discovered that friendship doesn't appear to directly melt Windigo or poor Ooo would have had a much worse night.

CALLED IT! :rainbowlaugh:
Didn't see the shade part coming, though. Cool twist. Wonderful story for one shot-ober.

"What're you doing, imbecile?!" A deep-cover Chrysalis hissed through her latest pony form.

"Gathering candy," Tirek's basso rumble emanated from the depths of a gaily constructed cardboard and craft paper Cerberus costume.

"Do not belittle me, fool! Tell me what you're planning!"

The door opened. Candy was divvied, with a marked unevenness toward a certain faux hellhound.

"Gathering. Candy." There was some muffled munching. "Delicious."

Ooo is Best Windigo. :heart:

It's funny. Until the group got to Embassy Row, I thought this was taking place in Ponyville. :derpytongue2:

It was an oddly big brother moment, since he was already a big brother to Frost, but he had never really been a big brother to a little brother before.

Give it time. There's a dragon down the mountain who would appreciate another.

There's something truly delightful about mistaking the spirit of Nightmare Moon for a drama student.

Brilliant stuff. Greenie does have the most incredible luck around those one or more orders of magnitude stronger than he is. (Good or bad, you have to agree it's incredible.) A belated happy Nightmare Night. Thanks for the story. :twilightsmile:

Hey, someone's got to supervise Cozy.

I wouldn't mind seeing this story expanded on.

For one long frozen moment, Green Grass thought he was going to be turned into an ice cube, but apparently the balance between a happy son and freezing an annoying pony fell in his favor, and the two parents turned with a gust of frigid air and began to rise up into the sky.

Today was a good day.

This is such a cute story! Ooo is simply adorable--though I feel like Green Grass rolled a "1" on several of his perception checks :rainbowkiss:

I'm still slightly confused about the identity of "Nightmare Moon," though--was GG seeing what was left of Nightmare Moon herself? Or was Luna in town for the night? (re-read more carefully, this was explicitly denied) Or was it something else, like a magical illusion?

Thanks for the story, and looking forward to your reply!

Emotions must have been running rather high over the candy distribution and portioning amongst siblings in order to summon a (small) Windigo

Heh, nice. :)

Thanks for writing!

That was PRECIOUS, I love Ooo :D

I don't think it could be a prequel to either, considering the fact that there's a Yak mentioned at the start. Sure, there may be a couple Griffons around Canterlot/Equestria, but I don't think there were any Yaks around Equestria until Pinkie Pie managed to secure relations with Prince Rutherford.

I wonder if Ooo pronounces their name the first way or the second.

I think it's the third option. llleeeedoollleeedooo

Ooo, that was goood! Rubbish pun intended, but seriously, that was really good. One more like for your story.

Ah! Too adorable! :yay:

who was destined for a rising career in Princess Celestia’s school.

I assumed this was not approved cannon but is it not in the Lunaverse or is this just a mistake?

I was disappointedly devoid of trick or treaters in my neighborhood. So it meant bigger bags of candy to take to my nephews on Sunday. (And some extra Heath bars for me.)

After making an extensive study of the park and its surroundings so he would be able to find them again, Green Grass began his long walk back to the university fraternity house while thinking. It was plain to see the young Windigo had enjoyed himself so much this evening that next year he would probably return, and it would be in Equestria’s best interests if the young child had an experienced guide to candy collection.

Even better, I think one young Windigo is going to tell all of it's friends about a fantastic pony tradition that involves lots and lots of candy. It's not going to be a young Windigo coming back next year; it's going to be a flock of young Windigos coming back next year.

This is a fun story. :D

But a natural 20 on the right thing to say. :) And probably a few good rolls on dumb luck.

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That was sweet

And isn't THAT going to lead to some edited Hearth's Warming stories.


Nah, just means that they can have real wendigos when they do the play, with an epilogue :)

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