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Ponies are good. Yes. ---------------------------- I am a simple numbskull who somewhat enjoys writing.

My most recently published mediocrity


Dear Pinkamena Diane Pie: A father's distressed outreach to his daughter. Quick one-shot.
Pride rating: Moderate

~In progress~:
-Enter: Fluttershy: Somewhat sad. A Fluttershy-centred first person chapter-based fanfic. Fluttershy tries her best to cope with the fact that all of her friends are gone.
Progress: Currently nonexistent.
-Magic Memories: Night Light and Twilight Velvet recall their journey through life and love after their daughter goes off to private school. Chapter-based.
Progress: Side project/experiment. Currently nonexistent.

~In the pot~ (AKA: Fics that have been slightly worked on):
-Flim Flamily Feud: A silly little one-shot with the FF bros.
Chance of survival: Fair.
-Forget Me Not, Pinkie: Pinkie Pie is isolated by her inner demon. This description sucks.
Chance of survival: Moderate
-Another nameless thingy: 2nd person interactive(?) zombie thingy. Iunno, maybe it'll go somewhere.
Chance of survival: Moderate

~Ideas that might happen~:
-Some type of F/M shipfic likely involving Applejack. Might be a chapter-based. Might not.
Chance of fruition: Likely
-An incredibly silly shipfic of multiple silly pairings. Will definitely be a one-shot.
Chance of fruition: Moderate.
-Something sad involving Pinkie Pie.
Chance of fruition: Likely
-Silly Pinkie Pie matchmaking service one-shot.
Chance of fruition: Moderate
-Sweet one-shot with Rarity and Sweetie Belle.
Chance of fruition: Moderate

~Euthanized Ideas~:
-Sad one-shot involving Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle after Apple Bloom moves away.
Chance of revival: Unlikely.
-A day with the CMC.
Chance of revival: Unlikely
~In Hiatus~:


If you see an idea here you like, you can steal it (especially the euthanized ones. I'd love to see people do those justice.) I don't mind! Be sure to message me with the story if you do it, I'd love to read it!


I'm alive · 5:19pm Nov 18th, 2012

First off, you have no idea how sorry I am for what I am about to say.

So, like, my my laptop died. Not sure what happened, but it died. So, I had no access to the internet.

Got a new laptop. Coolbeans, I can internet again.

But uh


I haven't worked on my Fimfiction stories

at all
not a bit



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So you're still alive, sometimes at least.
I apologize for abandoning the fold.

Hello my dear, how have you been since we last talked?


Numbers are very important in math. No one likes math. So when you remind people of math, they get angry.

'Tis understandable.

135887 Can't blame me, numbers drive people mad and you always have to try :applejackunsure:


Nah, I expelled all of the rage. Not a single ounce is left.

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