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Despite Princess Luna being rescued from the cruel embrace of Nightmare Moon and returned to her sister’s loving side, there is a dark secret of death and betrayal lurking in the moon’s shadow. Soon it will threaten the Royal Sisters’ reunion and ignite the flames of their deadly conflict again, unless a mere child can show them the way.

The last Nightguard is coming. Nothing will stop him until his nemesis is destroyed, not even death.

Fantastic cover art by Harwick

Editors include: Tek, Irrespective

Chapters (25)
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Authors note: And so it begins. 25 chapters being posted one per day through the spooky month. Many thanks and credit to Tek my primary editor and Harwick who made the awesome cover. Also thanks goes out to Aegis Shield and his The Return of Princess Nightmare Moon which sparked this idea a decade ago now. Her return from the moon is a memorable scene.

This is a standalone story which you don't have to read any other stories to catch up, but I did steal some characters in minor roles. From Aegis Shield you will find Bandaid, the loyal medic, and from Jake and the Kid by Peter you will see an unnamed Goose Down who takes on a role near the ending that should yank a few heartstrings out of various chests.

One note of interest: Chapter 2 of this story is out of sequence. It was originally written as a standalone in my OneShotTober series because this idea was smacking around inside my head and I wanted to see if it was do-able. It was generally a toss-up on where to put it, because the further back in the chapters it goes, the more confused the reader, and I didn't want to lead with it, so placement was a compromise.

Also, the Iuramentum e sangui or Oath of Blood is from Ebony Gryphon, who mentioned it once and it kinda-sorta stuck in my head.

Ah, in on the ground floor for once, I'm quite interested to see where this wanders.

Well for once it seems that liberal application of the Elements has not solved a (possibly) hypothetical problem. What's more, the fact that yon newcomer is here, suggests certain uncomfortable possibilities as to Harmony's opinion on the whole business.

And can it be, an honest to goodness revenant? A most terrible expression of Loyalty in a way, not to mention certain aspects of Honesty. Not much for Laughter or Generosity though, to say nothing of Kindness...


But still, it moved and breathed. Worse, Celestia knew who it was, and the knowledge froze her in place like a thunderbolt from the sky had smashed into her horn.

Celestia knows who this is but it seems as though this knowledge shocks a ruler with over a thousand years experience to immobility... gonna be a stunning story behind that reaction and we look forward to it!

For one, she had never dreamed that Luna would be so timid, so fearful of everything in the castle, and unwilling to even order any of the servants to do anything for her. The proud, self-confident, loving pony she had lived centuries with was gone, replaced by a weak shadow who clung to Celestia’s side much like a real shadow.

She just had her mind, body, and soul power washed by Tactical Rainbow Strike, and is probably going to spend the next year wondering what was left behind is actually or how much is actually left. Mind I don't think can actually cause harm, being exposed to them is hardly pleasant

“Celly?” Luna’s voice was quavering and barely audible from where she huddled up under Celestia’s wing. “What is it? Don’t let it hurt me!”

It is the dreaded Cranky Bat Dad, foe to all wayward balls and frisbees into his yard! ALL SHALL KNOW HIM AND LAMENT HIS CURMUDGEONISH WAYS!

Also, the Iuramentum e sangui or Oath of Blood is from Ebony Gryphon, who mentioned it once and it kinda-sorta stuck in my head.

I did?:rainbowderp: Wow, I'm smarter then I thought:twilightoops:

Honestly though, I can't recall that one so I may be unable to take credit, but I'm honored to have inspired you in any case:twilightsmile:

Looking forward to seeing where this goes. Happy Nightmare Night in advance Georg.

One a day? Woot! Looking forward to the rest of the month.:twilightsmile:

You have my undivided attention. I am VERY eager to see where this goes!

I can't wait for I really do miss Ageis Shield, so anything that was inspired by his stories has my attention!

"Don't forget about me Bandaid!"

11393632 Wanders, no. Rocket train to disaster, yes.
11393886 Hey, credit where credit is due.
11394312 I really tried to make this a shipfic, but it just kept making a sharp left turn whenever I tried pointing it in that direction. That's not to say there isn't a certain amount of flirting and such...

Well, talk about inconvenient complications!

This editing note got delayed a bit due to attending the KC Renfest. A great time was had by all with good weather, pleasant company, and wonderful events. Huzzah! (a drastic contrast with this chapter I'll admit, but things are as they are)

Ok so this different, I’d assume he was the last of her corrupt guards and that’s why Luna was worried… neat.

Ooh, wow. Neat!

Oof, interesting origin story... Looking for more!


Good story so far!

Poor dude, sure hope he wasn't conscious for the last thousand years.

Because that, would really suck.

With great power comes the ability to make great mistakes. Repeatedly.

Truly, Celestia has a rare gift for kriffing up interpersonal relationships.

Celestia hated hospitals. Nothing good ever happened there, and far worse, her little ponies constantly tried to drag her into their disasters.

I guess foals don't usually get born in Equestrian hospitals then?

Hell yea! I’m loving how we’re seeing this real side Celestial who can be selfish, and that slip of the tongue is chef kiss. Real characters trying to adapt.

Oh, Celestia, you silly mare. Don't you know that telling a doctor they can't save a patient only gives them the determination to prove you wrong?

This coming from the immortal alicorn...

I do like this Celestia, as well. As you said, she's flawed, and she has a bit of a god complex. And now I shall wait for it to gloriously explode in her face. Or, in Luna's case, "door slammed."

Hm, this Celestia is pretty unlikeable so far.

Rise, my creation! Rise from your slab and LIVE!

Well then, morally questionable medical practices it is! I really have no idea where she's trying to go with this.


If this works it will either be the fire of this anger or possibly the 1000 years of backpay which drives him onward... the later may be more applicable to a modern pony but I get the feeling the first will be what appeals to Eb’s mindset.

Theyre dead Dave.

But why Rimmer?

Hes the best match to keep you sane.:trixieshiftright:

Celestia prefers not to think of their existence.

Personally I like to think of Luna, ironically, being historically seen as the mother figure (or Mater Selene) in the past, where as Celestia made the Canterlot Voice first known when she told those quote unquote "mewling little c:flutterrage:nts" to get out of her garden. Thats right, Celestia is a cranky old bat who demands the kids stay off her lawn. Except for Dinky of course.

Yes, but that makes her likeable, if that makes sense.

I have SEVERAL questions.

That is an absolutely metal way to bring someone back from the brink of death.

There's some serious self-loathing going on there, like seas worth of self-loathing.

The bigger you are, the bigger mistakes you get to make.

Goodness gracious me, this is turning into a veritable symposium on "the ends do not justify the means".

To err is pony, and you get to screw things up even more if you have Princess in front of your name.

Ok, clearly there is more being implied as to the reason Luna turned into Nightmare Moon, and so far its implying there might have been a shred of truth to the rumors. If the way Celesita is acting now is a clue, she might have been a lot worse back in the day which would mean Luna fighting Celestia could have been somewhat justifiable.

Just how much worse will it get when Twilight sends them both to the naughty corner, and Spike ends up with the crown?:pinkiecrazy:

11395529 Of course foals are born in hospitals. But to get the Sun Princess to visit normally means said foal is in the neonatal intensive care unit, and the parents are desperate for any kind of assistance. Read some of Estee's mental musings about Princess Celestia in Blessing to understand better.
11395467 It's about 66% in alicorns of the present age.
11395763 Hey, I've written about alicorns giving birth. Twice, actually.
11395764 Understandably, being an immortal alicorn who raises the sun and moon for a thousand years can give you a bit of a god complex.
11395664 It also makes alicorn sisters prove her wrong.
11395769 Thank you.
11396676 I prefer to think of the 'World of Cardboard' speech for that.

11396848 I have answers, but they're coming out one per day.
11397236 Yeah, but just like horror movies, there's always a catch.
11397250 All of which was glossed over in the cartoon for the sake of the kiddies, but it's a legit concern for a sister who gave herself to dark powers in order to overthrow her sister and bring about night eternal, only to be placed back on the throne when she returned.
11396446 Isn't it obvious? Celestia's school is a *medical* school. Now that's a story we could get behind for Halloween. My Little Mad Scientist where Twilight Sparkle is a Girl Genius-type Spark, reanimating the dead and creating world-destroying death rays.

I've given serious thought to doing a story that Steve Diamond has been talking about on the podcast for weeks: Sparkle Murder Princess where Twilight is Celestia's most trusted student and tries to kill her every day, but the old bird is too cagey and eventually sends her off to Ponyville, where she collects her crew.

11397356 In the end, if you lose it doesn't matter what means you used. You lost. Game over.
11397363 That's why its called a Royal Mess.
11397392 You have a roommate who always uses up all of the hot water for the shower and see how calm and collected you are.
11397459 Oh, you haven't seen worse yet.

Luna had no such restrictions. “So many died, but he lives solely because of me,” she snarled. “When we shared the moon, my hatred kept him alive. Now, he had no strength to continue, no reason to live, until I gave him one.”

Hmm... but what manner of life have you returned to him?

Is he merely The Struggler then? Was it for him, or for you you've sent him on this path? Whatever purpose you have for him, it is a sin you have done this day, and the sooner he is away from you and yours, the better.

Because out there, in the world, there is redemption. In a thousand small way, in countless words in gestures beneath the notice of immortalssuch as you... there is hope
After all... Friendship is Magic.

At that point though the old gal be used to it by now, or at least very aware of her own proclivities and sand lines. Reason I likened her to Death though in the past on previous posts.

Also Superman is weak bro. Batman actually made Darkseid back down

Damn. DAMN! Far too many writers can never hit that sweet spot of Celestia being emotional yet restrained because of her experiences but here you are hammering on that point like a mad man. Getting Luna back would probably be the most emotional situation she'd ever face in her life, even moreso then fighting the Nightmare. She's had centuries to think of everything that she did and that could go wrong, there's no possible way she could be a completely calm and in control all the time. I'm really loving this depiction of Celestia, and I'm extremely glad you already had this written out because I don't think I could stand waiting long for updates.

As for Ebon Tide... well he'll get his teeth back at least... Right? Poor bastard.

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