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A mistake and an apology · 6:03am Mar 19th, 2018

To those who have read the first chapter of In the Shade of Time, I apologize. It was pointed out to me that I didn't post the full first chapter. I have upload the rest of the chapter so I encourage you to reread it. That is all, thank you for listening and being interested in my story

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BY LUNA'S STARS · 3:26am Jun 9th, 2015

So I am wandering around fimfic and decide hey lets check the popular stories, see what's up. First page I see the title of my newest story so I go to test something. I turn on the mature filter and reload and suddenly there staring me in the face is my story. My story hit the featured box, mine. Little old me's story, is now in the feature box. I can die happy now.

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Hiatus For New Dawn · 5:12am Jun 6th, 2015

Sorry to the few who enjoy this story, for a bit it's going on Hiatus. I have another project my ADD mind is focusing on then when that wanes I will resume this story.

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Excuses excuses · 6:18am Dec 1st, 2014

So for those who care and pay attention and are like dude were's the next chapter of New Dawn. Well, it's gonna be a bit. Reason being, work. Not the greatest reason but it's the holidays and I work at a large name retailer and yea, it's been a hell of a ride this month between thanksgiving and black friday. Then there's been the getting the home cleaned up for thanksgiving, personal stuff and the list goes on. I can't promise any of you a chapter next month but I'm gonna try to. I hope you all

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I don't due these enough · 10:16am Jun 9th, 2014

Hmm, well to start here's an epic video of a really fun old ship

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Well I'll be · 7:28pm May 9th, 2014

I was asked last night by a friend how many people like my stories and how many people actually pay attention to my works on fimfic. I didn't have answer fewer him lady night cause I was busy with other stuff so I checked today. I know it's not sole huge mile stone like 100 or something but still, I HAVE 60 PEOPLE, yes sixty...Sixty dear luna sixty people. Sixty people are following me, that to me is monumental. I started writing on a dare and the story was Meh and I spent three years going to

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The end · 8:06am Feb 14th, 2014

With that last chapter your patience has finally paid off, it is completed. I know it took forever and it's not as good as could be but I am please, mostly bevcause hey I FINISHED A MULTI CHAPTER STORY WHOOOOOOOOOO. Thank you to those who stuck around and more so to those who commented, all like two or three of you, I love getting feedback. Anyway that is all, I just wanted to scream and shout for joy because my first and oldest story is miraculously done.

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good news everypony · 11:26pm Jan 23rd, 2014

So I know that a lot of ponies who have followed me from the start probably hate me by now. Sometime around three years ago I started this little project on a dare and it had a decent reception, then I got distracted, then my editor got hit with a dose of life then I last track and so on and so forth. Anyway after a long long psuedo break I have finally figured out how to end my oldest story. Now I know I have probably lost a lot of you with the rewrite and such but I swear to all of you that

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Stuff · 7:21am Sep 27th, 2013

So due to lack of will and lack of interest I am putting my HiE on hold. It may or may not be updated but only as I get ideas and figure it out. So yea, have some other stuff I am working on fer now,. That is all you may now return to pretending I don't exist.

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News · 8:03am Jul 2nd, 2013

For anyone still paying attention to me, sorry. I lost track of my stories and real life has been getting in the way for my editor not to mention I have been in a bad spot for a while. Some of you may have noticed that I pulled a chapter of Lost Warrior down, I am back at that and it is going in a very different direction than I originally intended. I should have a new chapter up in a month or two if I can find any body to pre-read and edit it, which is harder than I woulda thought, I have been

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