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I'M BACK B*TCHES!!! · 1:24am Mar 27th, 2018

HOLY COW! It's been nearly 4 years or so since i last logged on here! Mainly because my computer at the time had stopped working and we were moving at the same time plus school got really busy espically with high school, however i am no longer in school (i got my diploma Yay!) And i'm not exactly writing fan-fics any more but i may write short drabbles every once in a blue moon, Mainly little ship stories of the characters and other characters from many series i enjoy that i think would get

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Thanks for the favorite! :yay:

Thanks for the fav! I'm writing another fic with some of the same characters in it, so if you want to check that out!

Thank you for the fave! :rainbowkiss:
I see you are an avid writer? That's awesome! Hope to see you around Fimfiction.net :pinkiehappy:

Thanks for the FAV on Hope in the Storm: Part Two!
Spoiler: Dashie cries in this one.

Thanks for your favorite on Colorless!

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