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We need a sequel detailing Celestia's vengeance! :trollestia:

#2 · Sep 3rd, 2011 · · ·

Was that a Spiders From Mars reference? Because if so, FREAKING AWESOME!!:rainbowkiss:

:trollestia: Vengeance shall be mine *insert evil crazy laughter*

#4 · Sep 3rd, 2011 · · ·

"I believe we have a reptile in the punch bowl", I see what you did there...:twilightsmile: the other references were pretty awesome too.

Excellent story, although I think the DBZA reference was a little forced.

Damn, that was funny. I can only hope we see Celestia's vengeance.

Also, was Basil a Fawlty Towers reference? If so, I will hug you until your spine collapses in on itself.

A holy grail reference I see... Very nice...

A bloody G Gundam reference? Hells Yeah:rainbowdetermined2:

this was hilarious, the three maresketeers, the conversations between luna and spike, and the ending just topped it off.

i also caught the holy grail reference.

I lol'd the whole time i read this, top notch stuff man:pinkiehappy:


THIS HAND OF MINE IS BURNING RED!:rainbowdetermined2:

Oh Luna, this is wonderful! I always admired Luna more than Celestia, don't ask me why. This story just makes it even better! The references, and even the Dragonshy bit made me laugh quite a bit! And that was after reading two of the most depressing stories I've ever read! Good job, lad.Good job.

that was good.
some of the dialog between :moustache: and Luna was a bit on the meh side, she came across as just a foal. I would have preferred to see her more mature, but still playful. I have seen various attempts at Luna, some are pure brilliance, while others are very meh. She seems (I actually have no idea) to be one of the harder characters to write.

“Don't worry about that. Ponies give me purple gems all the time. Frankly, I'm running out of places to keep them. Just get some sleep, I'll wake you before dinner.” <this was awesome.

good job!

Hmm... perhaps for a similar event next April 1st.

Well of course. A chance to involve Bowie simply can't be passed up.

I shall need some form of snake catcher.

Thank you. The whole thing was basically an exercise in inflicting my terrible puns on the rest of you.

I can definitely see that. I imagined that this incarnation of Luna would be treated fairly child-like by the castle staff since she's the younger sister and Celestia has all the responsibility. So reminding those around her that she is, in fact, an adult would be something she was used to doing.

Yep, that was Fawlty Towers. I now fear for my spine.

References everywhere! I'm surprised no one has mentioned the Lilo & Stitch one... yet.

Glad you found it funny!

I'm very happy that you enjoyed that scene. Although a lot of people seemed to think it was Master Asia.


Thank you!

Excellent! Where possible I'd like these stories to cheer people up and hearing that they've done so makes it all worth while.

I know what you mean. I tried to write the same Luna that was in another of my stories, but to make her seem caught up in the excitement of her first April Foals Day in a thousand years and so act more... foalish. I probably went a bit too far with it.
But I'm glad you enjoyed the rest!

Oh my god, not one, but two Metal Gear Solid references? :pinkiegasp: (Possibly three based on your interpretation of the ending line?) I love you, man. You're now a total bro in my book. :yay: :D

In a deleted scene, Luna shoots herself in the head with an arrow.:trollestia:


BRILLIANT! Five star!

That was fun!

This needs a sequel.

April 1st is only a few days away.... :pinkiehappy:


Jolly good I say! :moustache:

( :pinkiegasp: Whoa... this story waited 25 months on my to-read list! Boy does the time pass!)

>steal everyone's left shoe
I see what you did there.

TFS and MGS references. Yes.

I reviewed your story tonight. It made me laugh!
Review found here

Nice story definetly enjoyed reading it. Even if is is a few years old :trollestia:

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