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DARKENED HEARTH (Prime Character Selections) · 2:35am Jul 8th, 2016

Juvenile Dragon

An undergrown and displaced dragon abandoned by its mother. Wields boyish claws as pathetic weapons and is armored by thin, ruby-shaded scales. Belches cute flames to dissuade enemies. Dragons are infamous for slow growth, in both mind and most other senses of bodily progression. However, even the most accomplished champion hides from any beast so akin to fire itself.

Basic Equine Soldier

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Provisional Concepts for story "Darkened Hearth" · 6:16am May 3rd, 2016

Dragonslayer Spike

Potential Item Drop\Description

Dragonslayer’s Life-Severed Ring

An awfully scratched ring that allowed Dragonslayer Spike to hunt his fellow dragonkind. A lively, rapidly-scanning eye attached to an unremarkable and damaged steel band.

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