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Provisional Concepts for story "Darkened Hearth" · 6:16am May 3rd, 2016

Dragonslayer Spike

Potential Item Drop\Description

Dragonslayer’s Life-Severed Ring

An awfully scratched ring that allowed Dragonslayer Spike to hunt his fellow dragonkind. A lively, rapidly-scanning eye attached to an unremarkable and damaged steel band.

Allows all wearers to hunt their own kind, and kill without crime.

This poorly-crafted piece of jewelry was speculated to be made by one of the Goddesses, and was gifted to this unique knight. The dragon wore it on his knuckle, but something of your lesser size must wear more like a medallion. Though, it is terribly malicious to seek out unsinful blood.

Dragonslayer’s Robes

A bland, featureless patch of roughly-sown pony clothes. Was worn by the legendarily misleading Dragonslayer Spike.

Spike swore himself to knighthood during the later ages of Sunqueen Celestia. When it became apparent Dragonruler Ember found ponies worthy of genocide, this once-lowly assistant ascended past his knightly peers. Famous for bringing down his winged sisters from their skyward perches, far above his declared pony brothers.

Commandment Of Dragons

Twin shackles chained together heavy enough to restrain a dragon. Made of the mineral ammolite, a natural repellent of scaled creatures.

Dragonruler Ember was known to be a disciplinary and barbaric dictator. Forcing lesser Wyverns to mine this impossibly reflective material for her signature Commandments. Made no doubt, this was a cruel torture device.

Scales Of Tortured Dragons

Dozens upon dozens of collected dragon scales. They glimmer perfectly even without the sun’s reach.

Dragonruler Ember serves as the most sanctimonious of her line. Ember birthed an unkept distaste for her equine allies when she discovered their love of soul amassing, which overwhelmed many dragon colonies in Equestria.

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