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DARKENED HEARTH (Prime Character Selections) · 2:35am Jul 8th, 2016

Juvenile Dragon

An undergrown and displaced dragon abandoned by its mother. Wields boyish claws as pathetic weapons and is armored by thin, ruby-shaded scales. Belches cute flames to dissuade enemies. Dragons are infamous for slow growth, in both mind and most other senses of bodily progression. However, even the most accomplished champion hides from any beast so akin to fire itself.

Basic Equine Soldier

Such warriors would guard Equestria’s agricultural settlements. Protected only by his pleasantly warm pelt. A small harness strapped to his side allows for light ramming rods to be attached and weaponized however ineffectively. Not particularly exciting.

Perspicacious Unicorn

A profoundly literate Unicorn educated at Battelmen Crystal School. Though lacking in physical respects, a feeble understanding of novice magical arts compensates. Wears a great cumbersome hat. Equipped in scholarly appearing robes and a small catalyst carved purely from sharpened dragon bone.

Glory-Driven Minotaur

Towering in size and wearing long thin wooden slabs. Minotaur hailing from his nearby homeland. Arriving with a greatly scratched, artfully decorated wooden shield combined with an equally battle-ravaged staff. Not easily matched in a test of crude strength or outright lust for dispute. Youthfully vigorous, an exceptional sparring partner.

Cannon-Wielding Lion Odist

Blighted, lion-faced poet resembling loosely most Minotaurs of Berenike. Boasts technology once thought mythical. Plagued by terminal illness and occasionally barks sudden battle poetry in the zone of war and light skirmishes.

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Hmm, Juvenile Dragon sounds neat, that of course, has absolutely zero to do with Spike being my favorite character! :twilightsheepish:

4076724 Grand to see you again, friend. Since you're here for the moment, you can help my story-craft again. Most of my other advisers, former or not, aren't as familiar with Dark Souls.

DARKENED HEARTH will be my largest and final story. As you've probably already noticed, the reader will be choosing a certain protagonist to follow. More characters will open up as the reader progresses into DARKENED HEARTH. Depending on their choice, they will encounter things unique to them. Including meeting special characters, finding otherwise unobtainable items, and even shortcuts. One of these special figures the reader can meet is Dragonslayer Spike. You can read further in on him and more in my last blog.

So far, what do you think? Are you following so far?

4077236 I think I see where you're going with the idea, it sounds very plausible considering dark souls nature for cycles, the fact that powerful beings are reincarnated an example being the Old Iron King =/= Gywn or The Rotten =/= Gravelord Nito. So... the story is definitely in the realm of feasibility and definitely sounds like a very original idea. I will read it. And also advise if you ever want me to.

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