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Twilight and her friends are enjoying the slow paces of Ponyville-at least, on the surface.Twilight herself has found another friend to hang with and tell her secrets to, Rarity and Applejack are fighting over something new, Fluttershy is withholding a longing for one thing, Pinkie misses Rainbow Dash, and a certain villian has just decided he's had enough time waiting.The mane six realize that sometimes what you believe is the right choice or path may very well be the opposite.

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Hey, so this is just me getting my juices flowing. I havent written a fanfic for quite some time.:twilightblush: Like..since 2002...:facehoof: But critique is always welcome and I'm happy to be part of the brony community. Yes, there is shipping. And yes, I will tell the story through different characters' points of view. Though constantly in third person.:facehoof: And no, the OC(s) aren't going to be part of the main story. But with the stories several locations/settings, they may be used to promote the story,plot, or character in a situation which any another character might not be suitable to use. (There's only 1 or 2 anyway) Also, certain breeds of female sheep can have horns and are brown. Just putting that out there.:rainbowlaugh:

Is Spike gonna be important and relevant to the story or is he going to get lot among the other characters? (It happens a lot when people tag him in large character stories so I'd would appreciate a heads up). Other then that I am quite interested in whats going on with Rarity and Applejack. I'm really hoping it doesn't end up with them being shipped though to be honestdl.dropbox.com/u/31471793/FiMFiction/emoticons/sillyfilly_Rarity.png

Tracked and favorite and upvoted can't wait to see what happens next.:pinkiesmile:

I like it so far keep it coming.:facehoof::heart::eeyup:

Sorry.....Terribly sorry.:fluttercry: Summer courses took their toll. I will update every nine days from now on.:twilightblush:

Fun fact: Twilight Sparkle is the number one female pony character that is shipped the most and with nearly all characters including the main six, her brother, most villains, both princesses, background ponies, spike, OCs (human and pony) and herself.

Fluttershy, Derpy, and Discord are in the next chapter.:rainbowderp:

Really ncie~ Can't wait tosee more! Oh and the last part of the this chapter is italized... perhaps you can fix that?

Um, near the end of the chapter you forgot to take off italics. And here's a fun fact, when Mac is involved he's usually shipped with Fluttershy for some odd reason. Thankyou for joining the small group who paired him with a different character, double thanks since it's Twilight.

I like what you got going with Mac and Twi, so fave and thumbs up. Just don't forget about Spike, people tend to leave him out and I'm sure he would have something to say about his sister/caretaker/boss/family dating. Also Mac has a surprise for Twilight! :eeyup: :heart: :twilightblush:
Pinkie and dash... not my favorite pairing, I don't really do the mane six dating mane six ships, and Rainbow Dash is always the lesbian so I guess i find her shipped with a stallion refreshing... sorry but for me Rainbow is straight

I agree with you on Dash being straight; I ind making her a lesbian very stereotypical. And yeah, Pinkie/Dash...I just don't think Dash has the patience to put up with her.

But aside from that, Twimac! :twilightsmile: :eeyup:

glad you updated cant wait for moree


I can understand why RainbowPie is seen as stereotypical. But just for your assurance and to keep your interest, most of the couples you see in the beginning chapters will not be the same pairings in the last chapters.:rainbowhuh::pinkiegasp::ajsleepy::raritycry::fluttershyouch::twilightoops:

I apsolutely love Twimac!! I also like DerpyXTime Turner/Dr. Whooves, but that probably won't be relevant for this story... Anyway, agreeing with the other commenters, I prefer Rainbow being straight, but it really doesn't make a difference, this story is so cool! :twilightsmile: :eeyup:

(also... Has anyone noticed that the last emoticon says duck? What is that about?! Also the one I'm talking about is this one :duck: )

Yay, twimac....that hasn't updated in a while....damn

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