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An Inky Jay Story

In an odd turn of events, Rainbow Dash realizes she doesn't know the pony who writes her favorite novels. As it turns out, neither does any other pony. The author of Daring Do has kept her identity a secret since she began publishing, but Rainbow Dash is convinced she can unravel the mystery once and for all.

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Sequel maybe? I LOVE THIS.

A very nice story!

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Name of Story: Come on, you know your own story name, don't you?

Grammar score : No idea, but I spotted some mistakes. For example, you once left the [./i] thingy visable.

Pros :

- Quite original idea. Motive of "Who is Daring Do author" is well known, but the idea of "XXX" being the author... well. It's original.
- Really good interactions between characters.
- Overall, it's a good piece of writing.
- Characters are in Characters


- Still, the idea of XXX being the author of Daring Do is absolutely unreliable. I would forgive it, if you put the Random tag, but it has none. If my memory is still good, the youngest, and still published and really well-written story was the one of H.P Lovecraft, and still he was much older than Scootaloo at this moment.
- Ending was incredibly rushed.
- Despite Slice-of-Life tag, the moral of the story doesn't have any originality and it's really hard to spot it.

Notes Section :

I like to say this phrase : It's not masterpiece, but it has a potential to become one. You are really talented writer Inky Jay and I wouldn't be suprised if your work would find a place in Feature Box or even EQD thingy, you just had to take some time to get more experience with this stuff. To correct this story, I suggest you to expand ending a bit, so you can rid off my cons.

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Stay Awesome


This story is freaking amazing!

However, your character tags gave it away. I'd suggest going with 'Rainbow Dash + Other', so that readers don't know the answer to the mystery before they begin reading.

So, when's the sequel coming out? This obviously can't be all you've got, as it is prime material for something much bigger.

That was beautiful. Good work!

This was a cute story. Very true to the show itself in tone, but with an unexpected twist.:twilightsmile:

That unexpected twist is what makes any story worth reading I think.

Will there be a Sequel or another Chapter where Scootaloo tell everyone she writes Daring Do?

Eh, I've toyed with the idea, but I wrote this to stand by itself. I'm not going to say there will nevery be a sequel, but as of right now, no I don't have anything extra planned. Thanks for the fav btw :pinkiehappy:

This story is brought to you by Authors Helping Authors.

Title: Who is Daring Do?

Grammar: 9/10 (Very nearly perfect)

1/ The concept. I toyed with the idea of writing a similar story myself once and I don't think it would have been nearly as entertaining as this.
2/ The Twist. I did not see this coming. Considering how hard it is to keep the reader in the dark right up until the reveal I can only say, bravo.
3/ Rainbow's characterisation. Its cool to see inside the head of everypony's favourite Pegasus and even get a few snippets of her back story.

1/ A few too many adverbs. They should be used sparingly if not at all. There are better ways to describe things.
2/ Spike's characterisation. Would Spike ever throw a book at anypony? Even a paperback would hurt if it made contact. Seems a bit violent for the little guy.
3/ Applejack's accent. If you decide to write dialogue in a specific dialect, be careful to get it right, otherwise, it just looks awkward.

Notes: It's nice to read a story about a lesser explored concept and be pleasantly surprised. It's also nice to see little Scoots get her due. The poor filly always seems to have such a hard time of things. Good for you.

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Called it.

Sort of.

I mean, I knew it was her, but I kind of guessed she didn't know. In my original guess, she had multiple personalities or something, and the author was one of them; while she actually had no idea. Nice story though.

Personally, I find the alternative concept of Fluttershy being the author of Daring Do and just assuming everyone already knew to be my favorite.

Decent story, the "no bucking way" could have been left out.

MY only problem with this story is that the characters tag helps give it away a little. I mean, for a moment I was hoping that it was Scootaloo and Dash working together or she had something connected to Scoots. But the moment she popped up, I was mildly surprised.

You're not the first to make a comment about my character tags giving away things. It's a bit odd for me when other stories I've seen have comments that would have been easily answered had they looked at the character tags. I guess it's kinda hit and miss with how much someponies pay attention to the tags.

Well that was entertaining. It's stories like this that make me wish that Daring Do didn't have a canon author. I've read several interesting fics that have everypony from Fluttershy to Chrysalis secretly being the author.
Oh well.

2668830 That can't be, Fluttershy writes romance novels (erotic ones).


While I really did enjoy the story and the ideas it presented...

The resolution felt too fast paced and forced. If it's something like that Scootaloo's kept a secret for so long, it doesn't make sense for her to just suddenly be okay with telling ponies. If anything, I half expected her to bolt the minute Rainbow mentioned "Plume". The fact that she just...sat there and let herself be talked into completely reshaping a major part of her life was...anticlimactic. There was great build up, but...the ending felt just a bit hollow.

Overall cute, but...yeah.

Well, the main problem with the fic is that the character tags basically give away who Daring Do is when combined with the synopsis. You could probably put Daring Do's character tag in to at least distract the reader from putting two and two together so easily.

Scoots seems a bit out-of-place to be writing Daring Do, in the sense that as a filly it seems odd she would have a command of language like the brief snippet we see at the start of the story. Depending on when she started writing the novels, though, you could tie it in with her idolatry of Rainbow Dash to explain precisely why Daring is a RD recolour. Once she did out herself as Plume, though, I was expecting her Cutie Mark to appear, expecting it to be some sort of 'She knows her true talent but hides it and that's why it isn't a Mark yet' and lo and behold I was right.

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