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Try as she might, Twilight simply can't get Pinkie Pie's Pinkie Sense out of her mind. This problem gets compounded when a second mare with similar powers shows up—and the new girl is not too pleased with this.

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1) I'm sorry, guys. The first comment on my first story said, 'I was surprised that this wasn't a trollfic' and I thought, 'It's the title, isn't it.... Well, I'm not a troll. I'm immature, I'll be the first to admit; but I'm no troll. ….Or am I?' Following that little existential crisis, I wrote the introduction. Also, is it just me, or is every OC alicorn black?
2) Most months are named after old gods, so I figured they would use constellations as months. Plus, it's got an added bonus of something Celestia did because she missed her sister zomg that sounds really sappy I'm just gonna stop now.
3) Under Rule 34 subsection P, if it exists, there is a pony equivalent. Even Justin Beiber. Now, if you'll excuse me, I am feeling sick for even mentioning him and I think I have to go take a shower now.
4) I know it's 'hoopy frood', but Twilight doesn't. I almost had her write 'freud?' because then it would have been a *puts on sunglasses* Freudian slip! YEEEAAHH!!! ….sorry.
5) “It's for research! Research, I tell you! Pure scientific curiosity, nothing more!” #powerhungrytwilightsparkle

1) And suddenly, I felt a disturbance in the internet, as if tens of readers (I have low expectations) groaned in pain and then closed the tab upon reading this line.
2) Deleted lines:
“...Ah don't think that word means whatcha think it means, sugarcube.”
3) For the longest time, I have wanted to write a story and mention a university, and I would call it Stanford T. Fredrickson University. That won't work in this world, though. Sad day.

Um, isn't the title supposed to be spelled :Magic? Any ways.. really interesting fanfic with Pinkie Pie lol:pinkiecrazy:

Oh my. That was good. I can see Twilight getting worked up on this, possibly leading to a 'Lesson Zero' type-catastrophe. Not good. However, your writing style was fresh and quite interesting, and you perfectly portrayed the characters of Pinkie and Twilight. Although, maybe some Spike next time :twilightsheepish:

1112707 'Magic' is often seen to be a shortened version of 'magick' which tends to be used when the author is referring to deep, ancient magical power. Magick is often more powerful than magic, which is often associated with lesser spells and sleight-of-hand trickery. Hope this cleared it up :twilightblush:

1112963 OH thanks for clearing that up, Nvm...

Interesting you may continue

1) “But it would be pretty cool if we did have it, you know? Because deep magic has been around since the dawn of time. And the words and rules are carved into this giant rock that sits on the edge of the known world, you see? And it's carved the length of a spear deep into the rock so you KNOW that this magic is going to stick around for a while. And THEN there's even DEEPER magic from BEFORE the dawn of time! That's some powerful stuff! Like, reversing death powerful!”

A second chapter because I personally hate new updates less than 1,000 words.
The CMC is, without a doubt, my favorite group to write for.
1) Personal headcanon of Apple Bloom and Zecora being good friends based on this picture.
2) Some more of Spike's personal favorites:
“Hey, Twilight! I may or may not have burned down town hall this morning.”
“Hey, Twilight! So turns out that Pinkie Pie was a vampony and we had her staking party this morning. She still insisted on cutting the cake, though.”
"Hey, Twilight! If the Royal Guard shows up, I was here all day, ok? And I most certainly wasn't out smashing mailboxes or anything."
"Hey, Twilight! The Egghead Society of Equestria accepted your application and they're asking you to step in as president."
“Hey, Twilight! Trixie's back in town and she's claiming you two are lovers or something.”
“Hey, Twilight! I sold half the books in the library to buy gems. Hope you don't mind!”
"Hey, Twilight! Our kitchen's on fire. And has been for a couple days now."
"Hey, Twilight! The Princess is going on vacation and asked you to raise the sun for her while she's gone."
“Hey, Twilight! Some dude showed up from Playbrony and I signed something saying something about you doing a hot librarian shoot, hope you don't mind.”
3) My little brother used to do this to my mom.
:ajbemused: “Did you brush your teeth?”
:rainbowwild: “Yes.”
:ajsmug: “Today?”
:rainbowderp: “....”
4) And then a cutie mark in the shape of an orange appeared on her flank, and then Apple Bloom was ostracized by her family. She later changed her name to Orange Bloom, but somehow ended up working on a pear farm. :applecry:

1) I have double vision and no depth perception, too, so Derpy has a special place in my heart. It's not as bad as it sounds like (or it could be just that it's all I know, so I'm just used to it).
On a very related side note, I hate parallel parking with a fiery passion.
2) "Holy cannoli, you are my seester!"

Spike is best troll:moustache: and you are freakin' hilarious.:rainbowlaugh:

Ah the dreaded parallel parking. :pinkiecrazy:My hate for you burns with the passion of a thousand suns.:twilightangry2: Nice job so far. have a mustache :moustache:

What kind of jerk takes almost a month to update his story?
Oh wait... that's me...
1) I know this is a depreciated expletive, but it was used in the show, so it's re-used here.
2) Someone didn't read rule 75.
3) No offense intended, of course, to the author of the same name on this site. I doubt he'll ever read this, but still.

2) Most months are named after old gods, so I figured they would use constellations as months. Plus, it's got an added bonus of something Celestia did because she missed her sister zomg that sounds really sappy I'm just gonna stop now.

September through December are named after numbers (sept = seven, ovt = eight, nov = nine, dec = 10), July and August are named for roman leaders. February was named for purification, April is traditionally from the Latin word for 'open'. So really, only a Few of months were named for gods (January, March, May, June, some attribute April to a goddes as well)

The more you know...

:facehoof: and that's what I get for not doing my homework totally deserved that

Can i make the suggestion of if you're gonna use footnotes to say as much at the beginning of the chapter? Or better yet having them at the beginning so they're easy to get to? After a while getting to the bottom of the page or the right comment can be a huge hassle :twilightoops:

Cool story though, glad to see yer updating again n_n

That I can do. There's no point to have footnotes if they are not easy to read!

1499593 If you really do this you will probably become one of my favourite authors. There are many folks who use footnotes and make them almost impossible to find :facehoof:

You know what I hate? I HATE it when writers stop writing a story and then suddenly update almost two months later. Seriously? By then we've forgotten the plot, we've forgotten all of the earlier references, we've forgotten all of Chekhov's guns, we don't remember who's shipped with whom or if it's even a romance fic anyway... wait... *checks tags* Ok, it's not, which is good, because I didn't write any romance here.
Like, seriously. We have better things to do than wait around for you to update your stupid story.
That's exactly what I did, isn't it ok then never mind please to ignore this comment kthxbai

Very cute chapter but honestly, none of the footnotes were needed. They either would've fit just fine as an author's note or in the Nanny McPhee case, you could've made it a youtube link since it would also benefit folks like me who never saw the film.

Okay, that was weird. In a good sort of way.

Funny how sometimes stories have a way of becoming kinda canon, or was I the only one who saw some parallels between the Pinkie/Screwball fight and the 'goof-off' with Cheese Sandwich?

almost had her write 'freud?' because then it would have been a *puts on sunglasses* Freudian slip! YEEEAAHH!!! ….sorry.

Dn't be I like a good pun! :pinkiehappy:

One does not simply figure out Pinkie Pie

You clever bastard.:pinkiehappy:

Stanford T. Fredrickson University


You know there is a thing called Authors notes right?

I do; but 124 weeks (and three days) ago, Author's Notes were not yet coded into the site (and when they were, at first they could only be put at the end of the chapter, not the beginning). Not wanting to inflate my word count with notes, I went with what I'd seen other authors do, placing them the first comment spot.
As for why I haven't updated my older stories to use them, it's because I kindof like seeing the old way, like a legacy of how the site used to be.
Also I'm lazy. :raritydespair:

4) When brainstorming this, Applejack's original line was 'sweet niblets, that came out wrong' and I thought, 'That's funny! Where does that come from? ....oh yeah.... nvm...'

*raises hoof* Uh... I've no idea where that came from. What is it?

Beautiful story! I love it! :pinkiehappy: Chaos battles are always my favorite :twilightsmile:

Do you remember the show Hannah Montana? It's from that.

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