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[One-shot] Twilight Sparkle, like many progressively minded ponies, are drawn to the newly emerging equestrian jazz scene, where she's seduced by the music and the atmosphere. But as a mare more at home in a library than among ponies, she's not exactly well-equipped to deal with the finer point of social interaction in this environment.

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I really enjoyed this, so have a thumb. Just one question. What in the hell is a bazooka player?

I forgot to ask you, Owlor. Did you create the cover art yourself?

This is fucking fab. Short, sweet and a perfect ending.


Somepony with the magical ability to use a weapon of war as a musical instrument.

It's pretty underground though, so you wouldn't have heard of it...


I think the author meant to say trombone... lost in translation?

The musical bazooka sort of resembles a scaled-up trombone -- there's the same array of telescoping tubes -- so I'm willing to let this slide, so to speak, either way.

The story? Wonderful. And it seems to go well with Miles Davis' Kind of Blue, though Miles is of course playing a trumpet.

I really like this!

The beginning you have here is phenomenal. I just loved it. I'll be honest, I thought about New Orleans, walking down a street in the French Quarter. I remember how the cafe/ restaurant thing to the right of me had this little three man band and how that drummer just looked like the world had left and blown away in the wind and all was left was his brushes and that snare and the way that they echoed and played.

The way that Twilight reacts to the atmosphere, company, and music is dead on. I love how she approaches it from a mathematical angle, while still enjoying it whole heartedly on an aesthetic level, and more than that, I love how you conveyed that.

The end kind of falls of for me, though. I would've liked to have seen her leaving, still pondering what she'd missed and ended there, with perhaps a little more interaction-- or better yet, more introspection and analysis on Twilight's part, because honestly you nailed that.

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"The bazooka is a brasswind musical instrument several feet in length which incorporates telescopic tubing like the trombone." Basically, it is a big telescoping pipe, and you blow in it to create sound. :rainbowderp: I chose this instrument cus it can be played without any fingers, so it was the perfect instrument for an earth pony. :ajsmug: So I did mean a bazooka not a trombone, but I guess I CAN change it if it leaves people horribly confused. :rainbowhuh:

Yes, but the writing is cribbed from this selection of notes written by a saxophonist playing together with Thelonious Monk.

Thanks for the comment! :pinkiehappy: I'm glad you liked it, and if I revisit this story in the future, I'll definently keep your critique in mind. :twilightsmile:

Well then. I learned something today.

Your jazz ain't cool without the vibes, man.

:twilightoops: Damnit, should've used that one instead of the piano! :facehoof: That would've been MUCh more awesome. :twilightsmile:

Huh... Never heard of it before today. Guess I should have checked a dictionary first. :twilightblush:

Just reading the title, thought it was about epic sax guy A:

awwww its complete

Yet, I think I like her the most, she isn't fighting for attention like the other two ponies are, or going off on her own weird tangent like the drummer is. Instead, she seems to wait for the precise moment when she knows the deep tones of her instrument will be most effective and she provides precisely the texture the rest of the band needs.

I take it you are a musician. This won me over to the story. I can't stand it when jazz musicians show off, or war each other and the composer!

I do have SOME clue about social faux pases, which is to say, I've read a book about it.


I remember how the cafe/ restaurant thing to the right of me had this little three man band and how that drummer just looked like the world had left and blown away in the wind and all was left was his brushes and that snare and the way that they echoed and played.

This is pretty damn good, too.

Comment posted by Garbo deleted Nov 11th, 2014

I love the ending to this Captures. Twi perfectly.

I love jazz and I love the idea of Twilight being into jazz, but there are just too many grammatical errors for me to get through this. Maybe if you had some kind of proofreader or an editor go over it, it would be more enjoyable.

An interesting read. But Owlor, if you ever come back to the site, give this story a once-over. There are typos everywhere.

Yes, Twilight probably is the only pony who appreciates jazz as a unique mathematical wonder. Having it described to me through the eyes of such a character is pretty interesting.

...yet we can all follow along, though some better than others.

I'm reminded of the concept of...

She never turns off. That's one of the other things I like about this: Twilight goes out to relax and enjoy some music, but her brain is perpetually functioning. She's always thinking about something, with nary a breath between one train of thought and the next.


...he's just a baby dragon after all.

A baby dragon who stayed up for 24+ hours working, and traveled half the width of the country solo.

I toss and turn, something about this night is bothering me...

Well yeah! Besides the light sprinkling of errors throughout this piece, that stallion was a creep!

What a great exploration of Twilight's inner self! Very in-character, very personal, and very, very, adorkably sweet! Bravo!

The beginning of this was truly an astounding read. Twilight's description of Jazz and the musicians fits her typical analytical mindset, but it's written out in a surprisingly artful manner. Kudos to you on that! :raritywink:
The rest of it was also quite amusing, as well as just plain adorkable. :rainbowkiss:

Also, even though this is short I was more than satisfied with the length. Short, sweet, but not so to-the-point that it feels unembellished or unsatisfying at the end.

Bravo, good sir! :twilightsmile:

Nice little gem of a story! :twilightsmile:

Okay, that was cute at the end.

So very Twilight.
A nice concept, well executed. Good read!

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