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Why is Derpy going around interviewing ponies with a spoon? Does she have an alterior motive or is she just acting strange for its own sake? Either way, you can never ask too many questions....

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Haha. I love this! F-F-F-Favoriting!

Did you commission Cosmic for that picture? :rainbowkiss:

hay two views two likes:twilightsmile:

I DREW that Picture MYSELF.... :raritydespair:

That picture makes me happy. I have a feeling this story will make me happy. I like being happy.

Then every which apologies from myself. I just knew that Cosmic made pictures, although I'm devoid of info about yourself :raritywink:

This.. this was great! :pinkiehappy:

lol i love that picture. Are you gonna add more to this? it appears so, but i figured i'd ask anyway.

Yes, there's going to be a chapter for each of the mane 6 :ajsmug::fluttershysad::pinkiesmile::rainbowdetermined2::duck:, at least.

You've used "where" a number of times that should have been "was." I'm not sure how that happened exactly, but it's a bit interr-
upting to the reader.

Also a few of your " quotes are missing and misplaced.

Thanks!:twilightsmile: I'll go through it later and straighten things out. :twilightsheepish: How that happened? Well, Grammar Fail, plain and simple... :facehoof:

hehe. pretty good chapter. I like the story about the drifter. it gave this particular interview a real country-western feel.

man derpy is chubby in that pic lol

First off, thank you so much for not portraying Derpy as being a complete imbecile. Seriously.
Second, I love how you've implemented a cute concept and played around with it as you did. You nailed the character interactions pretty spot-on.
One thing that did confuse me though was the way that you formatted Applejack's drifter story. Traditionally, when a character is quoting someone else that dialogue is separated with a set of apostrophes. Italics, however, are used when a character is thinking.

I don't know if that's exactly correct or not, but I thought I'd point it out. :pinkiesad2:

Yeah, using aphostrophes like you decribed is the "right" way to do it, and that's what I did in my first draft. But it just looked confusing, espescially when I got to the point where Applejack is narrating from the drifters perspective. You lost track of who was talking very fast. So I made a choice to go with a nonstandard approach. I am not sure if this is on the level of "nonstandard but acceptable" or "The english police will come crashing trough my window and rearrange my socks", tough...:twilightblush:

I like this! Glad someone's being nice to Derpy. And interviewing ponies with a spoon seems like just the thing she'd do.
Also, "many a quaint and curious volumes of forgotten lore. " I see what you did there.

It's so nice to finally see a fanfic were Derpy is not abused. :derpytongue2:

I love the way you portrayed the characters. There was not much describing but still you managed to catch their personalities, even Vanilla's and Starswirl's. By the way, this story about the later stallion's sister - very nice idea, touching. Also the extraordinary books were... extraordinary. Just the sense of humor which I adore. Fav. :heart:

This one was a bit less funny than the previous, but still great. The ending, especially. :pinkiehappy: Though, I got a little confused with the way you marked dialogues in the retrospection. Whatever, the final picture is awesome!

"“Occasions, persuasions clutter your mind. Incense and peppermints, the color of time.” Is that line from Doctor Who? It sounds like something Seven would say....

This is pretty funny. I can see Pinkie understanding a lot of things Derpy says.

Hehe, I actualy give a clue where that line is from later in the story:
"Then you turned over muttering something about a 'strawberry alarm clock' "

lol a moonshine ring thats a new one so heres all the suprised/shocked emotes:applejackconfused::pinkiegasp::rainbowderp::rainbowhuh::raritystarry:

haha..awesome interview. And I applaud you for ocming up with so much dialoguw for Zecora. her speaking makes my head hurt sometimes.Eagerly awaiting more.

heheh, past couple chapters weren't bad.

I wish I was a better active user of English language. If I was, maybe then I would be able to find the words which would express how greatly I love the part about being two things at once. It's just perfect! :heart:

I simply adore your sense of humor :rainbowlaugh:

Wow, I really did enjoy this story. Being honest, I'm sad that it had already ended. Are you planning writing any sequel(s)?

:pinkiehappy: Glad you liked it. No, no direct sequels, but this IS a style I want to return to somewhere in the future. :pinkiesmile: [Dark] and [Adventure] is fun to write, but it's not quite as lovely as having the oppertunity to make somebody laugh. :rainbowlaugh:

Very cute and silly fun. A bit confusing in spots (what lies does Angel think Derpy would be spreading? Dash's timing in a few palces was confusing and how did the idea of Derpy doing a 'zine get spread around? First Dash and Twi and Rarity know it then suddenly AJ knows with no explanation why.

I liked the nod to Derpy the author, very well done. The small issues mention do not overly detract from the story it's still a very solid piece of writing n_n:twilightsmile:


How did the idea of Derpy doing a 'zine get spread around?

They got together and talked about it, Twilight mentions this to Rarity, Rarity is basically the last one to know. Granted, that sorta glosses over how exactly they began realizing something strange is going on, but Twilgiht at the very least knows that Derpy talked to both Rainbow and herself and might've gone and asked the other ones.

what lies does Angel think Derpy would be spreading?

He is basically doing damage control of the whole Iron Will incident, as established, ponies are talking about it, painting her up as a lot meaner than she actually is, and Angel is afraid it might affect Fluttershy's reputation.

Dash's timing in a few palces was confusing

This part takes place during the Fluttershy chapter, entierly without Derpy noticing.

I'm glad you liked it, and that you brought up some confusing point and overall had good critique. :twilightsmile:

1881540 I appreciate the clarification but one of the reasons i asked was to point out these are things in the story that need to be fleshed out more. :twilightsheepish: I love the spoon idea and won't deny I found myself rather jealous of ponies as you can do weird stuff like that and get away with it whereas if I tried that I'd likely get hostility. Ah to be a little kid again.

Also, Applejack didn't need to know about Twilight's idea that Derpy was making a 'zine, cus she was instructed by to deliver the apples by Granny Smith:

“That's why it is an un-birthday party, silly!” Pinkie Pie said. “Oh, and you brought a present?” She said to Applejack, noticing the apples.

“Yes, something like that,” Applejack said. “Here, Derpy!” She placed the bucket of apples on the ground. “This is from Granny Smith, she said you'd understand. Uhm... Do you understand?” she asked.

and the reason for that is implied in an earlier line:

“Did I hear you talkin’ about Derpy?” Applejack asked, panting slightly from the run. “I've been lookin’ all over for her!” She unloaded the bucket of apples she was carrying. “Granny Smith told me to give her this and tell her something ‘bout 'No snitchin'. I got no idea of what's goin’ trough her mind.”

Granny Smith lost her cool in an earlier chapter and confessed to an old crime:

“I confess, I confess!” Granny Smith cried. “I was the mastermare behind the moonshinin' ring back in april '68, but ya'll never catch me alive, never!” She picked the purse up and started swinging it wildly.

but if I revise this story, I WILL keep your comments in mind, cus this story took a VERY long time to edit and went by several editors, so while a lot of confusion IS cleared up in the story itself, it's not really spelled out for someone reading the story for the first time. Cus obviously, *I* know the story, and what a throwaway line is reffering to, but someone just picking the story up might easily miss stuff like that. :twilightblush: also, putting those quotes together made me realize that I totally failed to keep AJs accent consistent troughout...


The issue I had with Granny though is Derpy and Pinkie both reassure her they won't talk and she doesn't give any indication of not believing them. She happily changes the topic and appears to forget about it entirely. so to have it suddenly appear again feels odd.

You may also want to get someone who's really good for spotting spelling and grammar too since I think all of the stories of yours i've read so far tend to have trouble with though/through/tough :rainbowlaugh:

Hmm, that's true, changing a line or two to make Granny seem a bit more uncertain they'll keep their promise should prolly clear up some confusion.

You may also want to get someone who's really good for spotting spelling and grammar too since I think all of the stories of yours i've read so far tend to have trouble with though/through/tough

Was/were/where is another series of words I keep having a problem with, in fact, Twilight's impromptu book review in the first chapter pretty much consists of the problems my un-edited manuscripts have, as a bit of a personal joke. :twilightblush:

Yeah, I'm always in need of editors, but my shyness often prevents me from recruiting one at mlpchan and similar, I tend to use established friends, and while they are nice to work with, they don't catch everything, since they are more writers than editors themselves.

This story was wonderful and full of whimsy. I wish I had seen it sooner.

My favourite thing about this fic is the reason Derpy is doing those spoon interviews in the first place -- that was rather touching. On the downside, characterisation is spotty and there are too many external references for my liking. One for old-fashioned Derpyfic fans, I think.

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