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Sick of seeing Rainbow Dash lazing around in her apple orchard, Applejack bets that the pegasus couldn't last a full year working the land, a challenge Rainbow refuses to back down from. As the seasons pass though, the two ponies find their friendship growing stronger as they spend time working together, through good times and bad. While the days grow shorter and cooler, the two friends find that maybe they have the chance to become something a little more.

Inspired by the song Ballad of Autumn Dreams by TarbyRocks. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dhfe6uoy6NA) Themes and title used with the artist's permission.

(A/N: I am currently in the process of revising the current chapters, so Autumn has been put on hold for now. Sorry to those who are looking forward to the update, but I feel this will lead to a better story.)

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Always nice to see a story posted on multiple sites, much harder for it to disappear if there are backups. :twilightsmile:

Awesome. I like the song this was based off of, and while I'm not a fan of shipping, I think you pulled this off remarkably well. The problem I have with a lot of shipping is that things move to quickly. However, you took your time with this one and it shows. This was really sweet, endearing and altogether enjoyable. Thanks for the great story.


Probably the best ponyfic I've read so far, and it's even better with the song it's based on on a loop:rainbowkiss::ajsmug:

It took me a long time to get around to reading this because my responsibilities with law school (and hit around the time I got a seeming outpouring of Apple Dash fics from various sources, most of which I had to put off), but I just want to say that on the basis of merely having read the first two chapters of the story this is turning out to be possibly the best Apple Dash fan fic I've read, as well as one of the best fan-fics I've read period. What really sets this apart is a.) your decision to take a slow burn approach to the narrative, and b.) slowly building up the feelings of the principle characters. In the case of the former, it's not just slow pacing, but building up the contours of the narrative almost imperceptibly out of the everyday so that the reader is immersed into it and carried along without giving much attention to where it's going. This is not only hard to do, but harder to do well. The most prominent examples of this approach that I can think of are Grant Greene's The Heart of the Matter and the works of China Mieville (probably one of the finest and more creative of modern fantasy writers). The fact that you pull it off is a testament to your skill as a writer.

As for the latter point, most ship-fics I've read, particularly AppleDash fics, start out with the principles already harbouring feelings. Based on what I've read here you've taken the less trodden route of depicting how these feelings emerge and have done so well. You've used the first chapter to appropriately establish the friendship between Apple Jack and Rainbow Dash as well as showing the effect that farm-work has on the latter. Then in the second chapter you opt, not for obvious "conflict", but seemingly simple scenarios that allow you to gently expose hidden layers of the characters' personalities and bring them closer. By the second chapter you've only just started to lean towards a romantic angle and give it a way through relatively subtle cues while even the characters themselves aren't sure what's going on. And this is only based on two chapters of an incomplete story that only has three chapters so far.

This is very good, strong writing. I look forward to reading the third chapter as well as any future chapters, and even your other stories. Keep up the good work. You may also want to consider submitting this to Equestria Daily given the calibre of the writing you're showing here.

I just gotta say awesome!

D'aaawwwwwww :rainbowkiss::heart::ajsmug: I need some more:ajsmug::rainbowderp:

another story that kept me up until 8 in the morning...damnit I actually have class tomorrow this time though...ugh, why do I like this stuff so much? Story was freaking perfect...can't find a single thing wrong with it if I had tried.

This is fantastic stuff. I cannot wait to see more of how you develop this. You really took your time with the shipping, which is rare, and it was done beautifully. I can't wait for more!

I remember this being one of the first fics I ever read, and that was in January this year. Oh, the nostalgia. This story is just as great as it was all those months ago, and is still one of my all time favorites.
I hope that one day this story will be finished, because it's such a shame seeing a fic this awesome in a perpetual state of limbo.

Like I said, magnificent fic. I'd love to see an update sometime in the future.

I Agree wtih everything above, this is a gem of a story. You're a fantastic writer, and I can't wait for this to be updated.

This is wonderful! :yay: Will you write a sequel? :pinkiehappy:

The right length, slow enough to make it realistic. The first date was realistically awkward and the kiss was just as awkward! The dialog was perfect except when Big Mac talked. He doesn't talk ever. You could have had applebloom get hurt probably would have made more sense and improved the story too. 9 out of ten. It really was perfect! :coolphoto:

I know that you've long since disappeared, but I just want to say that I've never read a better fanfic, and I'm hard-pressed to think of a published story I enjoy more than this.

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