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There is a Party that is every party. One day, it wanted a friend.

*The Pinkie Pie vector for the image was originally done by DrDraze. The main body of the picture is M. C. Escher's Print Gallery*

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Interesting. I gotta say, I'm loving all the random back-stories that people come up with to explain Pinkie's weirdness. :pinkiehappy:

Incidentally, have you watched The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya? Maybe it's just me, but I'm reminded of the Data Overmind.

Hah, yes. It's nice to have a story where Twilight's psyche isn't quite as fragile as it's usually portrayed.

2364611 ...It's an odd life when writing that a character is the avatar of an abstract multi-dimensional personification counts as explaining something.

Also I have seen Haruhi! But I don't recall thinking of it when I wrote this. I wonder if it crept in subconsciously. I can sort of see it in the way I built the relationship between Pinkie and the Party in this.

2365695 I think it all depends on what you put her up against. To my mind the two things Twilight really can't handle are the idea of losing her friends (who, after all, she's just made) and the possibility of letting herself/her loved ones down. So I figure she's fine looking into her own future even if that would mess some people up.

Oh, well, and of course she can deal with creatures from beyond space and time. She is a scientist/mathematician after all. She probably does n-dimensional rubik's cubes for fun.

Next fic: Twilight Sparkle: Lovecraftian Horror Exterminator.

I find it interesting to contrast this with this. Ultimately, there's little to distinguish the Pinkies--the main difference is in how Twilight is interpreted.

2366010 Hmmm... I forget if I was aware of that story or not before I had this idea. It's an interesting contrast, as you say, though I think the two stories take the idea of Pinkie as a Cosmic Other of some sort in decidedly different directions. Pinkie isn't very present in the other story since it is entirely about Twilight's discovery of the horrible truth.

But I think the roles we assigned her are quite different in the end. My Pinkie is meant to be an intermediary between a cosmic force and mortal ponies, and PonyAmorous' is instead a normal pony who is aware of "the real world" and the fact that Equestria operates on cartoon logic (and the principle beneficiary of said logic).

Liked this. :pinkiesmile: It was a very interesting reading. I like your writing style, specially at the beginning, when you describe what The Party is, very creative and funny to read.

He's a little overeager—he is a party, after all... But he's learning!

Now this is the sort of cosmic horrors I can get behind. (seriously, omnipotent child is a thing right? because as long as it is a legit child, that should totes be a thing)

Anyways, I like the lovely loveliness of it, in particular all the little bits of unexplained and implied (99 red balloons, Twilight eldritch-god-killer, et cetera).

I think--and I actually can't remember if this was in the original TMP or not--but I actually kinda wish the introductory section didn't exist or, more likely, was integrated into Twilight getting yanked through the veil. But, eh, ignore me.

Nice ficlet, Feddy.

2367148 So far as I know (and can tell with a quick google search) there are super/all-powerful child tropes, but not Gods-who-are-like-children tropes. I mean, unless you count Greek mythology (OOOOOH You want some ICE for that sick BURN, Zeus?).

The intro segment was part of the original TMP. Also possibly my favorite bit of writing in this, though I do realize that not everyone enjoys, "Here is a meditation on an abstract concept before I get into the actual story." It's a thing I seem to do not-infrequently, however. I'm prepared to call it "part of my style" in quotation marks like that there.

To be honest I think the actual story component may have grown out of a desire to write that bit there--though I guess working it into Twilight's vision of the Party would have made things more interesting from one perspective. You wouldn't quite know where things were going. But I dunno, I like me some dramatic irony. Even if it means that, in the end, Twilight has to have explained to her things the audience already knows. I tried to keep the explanation brief, but yeah, not the best tact to take.

(Also shut up I wanted to write like I was Neil Gaiman, okay?)

I don't know what to think of this story... :rainbowhuh::rainbowlaugh::scootangel::derpytongue2:

quoteFedoraMask: "Next fic: Twilight Sparkle: Lovecraftian Horror Exterminator."


> “Besides, Pinkie, it's just a basic compression of time and space into a single point, like you said. You act like I've never peeked beyond the veil before. I'm just glad I didn't have to kill anything this time...”

Did this happen in canon somewhere?

3815318 Depends on your interpretation of It's About Time, I think.

Solo, Pinkie's the party, Twilight's the conflict... So, who's the mating? :rainbowhuh:

I do love unique takes on Pinkie, and "avatar of the Ur-Party" is certainly unique. Really, Twilight should be thankful she wasn't swept by one of life's other universal truths. Either way, a great deal of fluids would be involved.

Thank you for this. :pinkiehappy:

Pinkie Pie the Perfect Party Planner Paragon. :pinkiehappy:

Twilight in her natural place between things, carefully balanced between dawn's glorious truth and night's creeping madness. :twilightoops:

This was friggin' great. :moustache:

This was fantastic, scary, dark and foreboding on so many levels...

Lovingly added to this Group

Well... That's weird :twilightoops:!

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