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In a time long ago, a colt mistakenly found his way into the land of faerie. Faeries are wicked and cruel, and would keep him forever, if they could. They set three challenges before him, with his freedom as the prize.

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Loved it! You nailed the especially faerie-tale creepy-clever-cheaters of the fey!




Shorty? You da best. You da you da best.

Now that's a faerie tale. Nicely done all around. Given the yellow eyes prevalent among the Fair Folk, I have to wonder what this implies about Discord...

EDIT: Or I could just read the epilogue. :derpytongue2: Or look at the character tags. :facehoof:

Excellent work!

Y'know, think the only gripes I can muster are regarding how you portrayed the passage of time... buuuuut that was probably the easiest trap as far as ruining the style you were shooting for.
It was a fun little ride, Norsey.

1. Did you win? If not, then who did?
2. Where can I find the other entries?
3. Have you ever considered submitting this story to Equestria Daily? You can find out how to do so here.

5985687 There's no winner yet. The contest only closed on the 15th, so the results aren't in yet.
The link in the author's note is the right thing to follow to find all the entries: link (Looks like there wound up being nine in total.)
And nah, I hadn't considered it. I'm about 90% certain it would be rejected out of hand for not having much in the way of plot. But I could certainly give it a shot. /shrug

These fay are very realistic and remind me of Earth's or Discworld's elves.

6127977 Thanks. : ) In fact, that's what they were based on, the old elf legends (dating to before Tolkien made elves beautiful and nice and cool) that depicted elves and fairies (which were usually the same thing in those stories) as tricksters and thieves and wholly without morals or kindness.

As much as I love FanOfMostEverything's work, this probably should have won.

6336317 That's high praise. Thanks. : )

Is Puck's name a reference to Beserk?

And this was super fun to read! I kept thinking how it would make a good bedtime story.

Starswirl has a coltish face. He would look more mature with a beard.

6339725 Nah, the reference is to the character in Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream, who is a fairy and the court jester to Oberon the fairy king. (Shakespeare's Puck was a reference to a very old mythological figure also called Puck.) The Puck from Berserk was referencing either the original myth or Shakespeare's version, I'unno which.

6340165 You're the first person to say out loud that you got the second twist. Here's your Official No-Prize for being awesome. : D

A fantastic read. Great work conveying the otherness of the fey. The particular nature of the 'images' and how they work in the magic was at times a little easy to gloss over (I partly blame being tired at time of reading and commenting), but the progression—of building, learning, one step after the next—was executed very well and I enjoyed.

Not sure exactly how to feel about shoehorning this to be Star Swirl, Discord, and an unknown, but this is not really to the story's detriment in any way.

6348679 Thanks for the kind words. Amusingly (at least to me), I always meant the king to be Discord, but I only realized the colt would work as Star Swirl at the 11th hour while writing the story. So you're not wrong about the shoehorning. : D

As fascinating as this story is (... to other people; this one's not really my taste), I don't see this meshing with canon. Discord's been released since near the end of season three, and he's done nothing that could be construed as an attempt to return to or make contact with the fae world. That, and you'd think Oberon would've allowed the fae to run amok during his reign of chaos upon Equestria. In that case, it'd be implied that the fae were either banished or entirely wiped out by the Elements of Harmony, and while that might logically fit into canon, it would mean that Discord is, in actuality, a king without a kingdom.

This was fantastic. Great job in the portrayal of the old school fae and the examining of magic, and it was a great choice to use very "fairy tale"-esque prose.

Not sure how much I like Discord being the king of the fae world, but I do love the reveal of Starswirl at the end. Especially since I was worried that poor colt wasn't going to make it.

I´ll be honest, I love this fanfic. I really do. It´s clever, well written and pays a surprisingly interesting homage to folk tales. My one problem is this;
Oberon as Discord. Why? Simply because it creates some plotholes.
Such as, why hasn´t Discord returned to his home after being released? Isn´t being a king kind of his opposite?
I think that if Discord was actually Puck it would have been much more interesting.
Both of them are troll teachers, pretty cruel with their "toys", and enjoy laughing at figures of authority. It would also provide a good reason why he decides to stay in the Day World; it is simply more interesting and there´s nothing tying him to his homeworld.
Other than that, it´s a fantastic fanfic. Great job!

Well, that was an incredible tale, with many twists and surprises.

Author Interviewer

Fucking brilliant. What a twist! XD

Author Interviewer

Oh dang, and even better twist! :O If more subtle.

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