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Legend tells of an ancient race
That hides in shadows with changing face
Stealing ponies who wander away
Until revealed by light of day

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First off, it's occurred to me that this is the first story of yours I've actually read. Huh. Well, at least I fixed that problem.

The story itself was mad creepy. Great stuff.

It's just... This is complete? I feel like it should have continued for another chapter or two. I dunno.

5301907 I guess there's room to add to it. I just don't have any specific plans to do so in the immediate future.

Wow. Just wow. You have a good story here.

A good story you should add to it from here.

...What in the world?

This is mad creepy.

5315096 Excellent. (insert appropriate emoticon)

"Why can't temperatures be one o' those thing ya ban here?"


Applejack looked up to see Firefly rubbing her saw.


Just what are you up to, Scribble...

5362288 No idea. Also, thanks for catching the typos.

Hmmfgh.good.altogh are the silver pounds no shaped like gasts?

Hmmmmm.me sense trouble ridding.

...ohk then.so.no more firefly.

Alls well that ends with good things and time travel

So, Silverponies live in a place displaced from the flow of time?

This is a nice story and I liked that ending. Though I don't know much about the previous generations of My Little Pony, I enjoyed how Firefly was tied into this story. I know Firefly herself was and probably still is a favorite of Lauren Faust, so in a way it is a tribute to the very "MLP-ness" of MLP. Yeah, I just made that word up, but I hope people get what I'm trying to convey.
We won't even have the wonder that is Friendship is Magic without those prior generations and in a way without Firefly either. Nice horror with ponies, what more can one even ask for?

Well, there's no actual Horror tag here, but still would you all want to meet a silverpony or be suddenly placed in Applejack's situation?
So, nice darkness with ponies.

This was... cathartic??? I don't understand it, but it really has a feeling of closure to it. It was a fascinating ride and I'm so glad to've been able to be a part of it, in a manner of speaking.

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