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Wow, this is great! Wonderful job, would like another chapter/epilogue, if possible.

Awesome. I love it, completely and totally.


Take all of my feels, every last one of them:raritystarry::pinkiehappy:

Nicely done.

"There was no fear, no timidity, no caution in her gaze. She smiled and looked at me as an equal, as though she thought that this thank-you flight made her such.

That's the really charming thing about Pinkie Pie. Once you endure her freakout phase (Zecora in "Bridle Gossip", Luna in "Luna Eclipsed") and emerge the other side as her friend, she'll never be frightened of you again. No deference, no trembling before your power or fame or influence.

That's Pinkie for you. Always there. No, it's not always what you might want, but she'll always be there. And that's rather comforting. I enjoyed this one; nicely done.

Bravo, very heartwarming... though in my opinion it does not deserve it's sad tag...:twilightoops:

Fimfiction really needs a heartwarming tag :twilightsheepish:

733459 Ooh, thanks for reading, and I'm pleased you found the story worth commenting on. :twilightsmile:

734636 Heh, I pored over the tag guidelines looking for something that would fit better. The only other possibility was slice-of-life, and it's even less that than it is Sad, so I went with Sad. Sad but true, nyuk nyuk nyuk.

Darling I just want to tell you one thing. When I want a heartwarming story I come to this one. This story gets me better than I have read on this site. Thank you for a wonderful masterpiece :raritystarry:

This is great - and I love the portrayal of Pinkie Pie so much. I mean, you just... I'm exhausted and all cried out right now, because of reasons, so my brain's not working quite as well as I usually like it to. But, still. This story was amazingly well done - and like I said, I adore Pinkie. She always seems too hyper, random, and it almost makes her seem shallow. That, or people go off the opposite end because apparently Dark/Crazy Pinkie is 'cool'. But there are so many things about her that are kinda... inexplicable. And I like the fact that she can be so stoic and deadpan about some of that weirder stuff about herself, like it's just so normal and to be expected.

I also like one very important thing about her here - Pinkie is supposed to make ponies happy. She makes them smile and feel good. Which is why Luna Eclipsed always made me so angry, that she could be so insensitive. This really redeemed her in my eyes and made me like her on a while new level.

1530448 Aw, thanks! Hearing that my take on Pinkie redeemed her for someone is a really good feeling. I'm glad you liked the story. :twilightsmile:

This does not seem like a sad story! This seems very happy.

-_Ƣ ~ Stay Classy.

1933772 I quite agree, but there isn't a better way to tag it with the set of tags available on the site. So, sad was the least-bad fit. Whatchagonnado, right?

Using astrophysics to determine how old the sun and moon are does kind of imply that their motions are based on non-pony physical forces rather than the will of the Princesses or the ancient unicorn tribes, and thus a large part of their power is based on a scam. :pinkiegasp:

What 1530448 said caused me to start over-thinking something.
I do like to think of Pinkie as being frighteningly insightful, empathic, and aware, but A Friend in Deed does indicate that this only really applies to people with whom she is familiar*, which pretty much covers all of Ponyville including its non-pony population. As much as I dislike how Pinkie was portrayed in Luna Eclipsed, her acting like a total jerk-face (technically term) to Luna was likely just because she didn't realize that the princess wasn't in on the game.
So... yeah. She wasn't being evil as such, but she made a hurtful mistake and should make amends to Luna. I suppose this works.

*places and things also, I suppose, given the whole "It was under E thing"

And I figure you and Princess Celestia started when everything started, so today’s your birthday!

What do you mean by "everything" else?

Love the characters interactions

Author Interviewer

I read this once, long ago, and I still really like it.

Short and sweet little insight into what it's like to encounter someone so sweet they'll always be there for you, no matter what. Not much ambition beyond that, but sometimes it's not needed when you have a piece with as subtly effective and efficient characterisation as this. Nice job!

Rating: Pretty Good

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