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A few days after the changeling invasion Fluttershy has a confrontation with a shape shifter in the deeps of the Everfree Forest. But the circumstances quickly change.

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Warning: Contains spoilers for the Canterlot Wedding.

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Interesting! :twilightsmile: It was simple, which made it easy to follow, but it was still enthralling, which kept me reading! Good work! You may want to slap some cover art on this though! :yay:

Thank you for the comment.

Any idea for a fitting cover art?

Thank you for the compliment.

I am glad you enjoyed it.

somepony is definitely going to ask for a sequel... anyways great story you have here, but not too detailed in the descriptions of the surroundings and what each character is feeling at a given point in time, but it didn't really feel that way in this story, so I'm alright with it.

Hm. Good point. Maybe I should try to work in more detailed descriptions of the background and the thoughts of the characters when I eventually have time to write the next story.

Romantic interest maybe?

Fine on its own but,
needs to be continued, it feels empty.

I am not sure.

Shipping is like the Pandora's box of fanfiction. There is hope left but often it releases horrible things.

What do you think is missing?

It is wonderful as it is, but I just have the feeling that this isn't the whole picture. I can't say what it is missing because it just isn't there yet.
I should probably start editing my comments.

You did do a really good job though. Keep up the good work.:trollestia:

Thank you. But I noticed that I have the tendency to write open-ended stories. It will take some time before I ever try a sequel.

I think I will post a tribute to this great Pony POV Series of Alex Warlorn on FIMFiction.net in a few days, I am just waiting for the second season to end.

That row of faces sums up the entire story.


What I was trying to do! :twilightsmile:

I hope that there will be next chapter soon, the story is starting quite nicely.

Also, who does not love that one changeling who tried to show off in front of PinkiePie, he is so cool and adorable, it is a pity Pinkie had to shot him with Twilight rail gun.


I have to admit that this is a short story and I wanted to let it have an open ending.

And I agree that one changeling showed that they have feelings and individuality. They are more then just the army of the Queen.

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