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Trixie returns after a long time with a completely new performance about the encounter between the Elements of Harmony and Nightmare Moon.

Is Trixie trying to humiliate the heroes again or did she change? Just read it and find out. And please comment.

MLP: FiM Copyright Hasbro.

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:rainbowdetermined2: cool, but kinda corny.

Okay, rather nice and a good way for Trixie to come back. :trixieshiftright: A few typos here and there, nothing major.

Could you point some typos out?

I will destroy them! :flutterrage:

Thank you for the comments.

I would have placed a happy emoticon of Trixie here but there is no one. So how about this: :twilightsmile:

I like how this story shows just how distorted a story becomes as it gets passed from one storyteller to the next. Very well done.

I actually really like this story, but it needs editing. Badly. There are way too many typos and misspellings, and that brought me out of it every time.

I'd be willing to go through it and point them out if you'd like.

Yes, please tell me where the mistakes are.

Brilliant story, I really enjoyed it :twilightsheepish:

Thank you. It was fun to write it.

I say again, too bad this didn't get on Equestria daily.

At least more people got to read the story and most of them seemed to enjoy it, so I consider this a success.

You know, when I read the synopsis I thought this would be kind of the Ember Island Players episode of Avatar, but it was so much better! I laughed a lot, and really felt touched on the parts of the elements, kind of the same way I feel touched on the actual episode. This was really, really cool :pinkiehappy:

Glad this one worked out so well. I tried to give it a similar feel to the actual two-parter, which started mostly as a commedy but became more serious after Nightmare Moon escaped and the heroes had to overcome the obstacles together.

it was vary funny i liked it a lot.

Thank you, was there any part you did like particularly?


it was just good tho id love to see a second part to the story like twilight arranging for the princess to see it privetly on some thing

My biggest issue is that you gave Loyalty to both AJ and RD. lol A quick change to Honesty and you should be mostly good. :ajsmug: :rainbowlaugh:

Something I forgot to favorite the first read-through? What is this madness? It's been months! :rainbowderp:

This was a truly amazing read. I could easily see this as a regular episode of the show. It starts out with the implication that Trixie will either humiliate them or get everything wrong. Then it turns out that despite the errors and mixups, the act works and it is even funnier for having a boisterous Fluttershy and a fashionable Dash. (And yes, the Doctor insists on prioritizing the integrity of time and space above fashion, but what does he know? He thinks bowties are cool!) And then she nails the ending, gets the message across despite the factual errors, and the protagonists realize that all this time she was deliberately honoring them. The backstage scene was a bit sappy, but yes, very sweet.

Excellent job. *applauds*


Thanks for pointing it out. I have fixed it and still can't believe that I had given both Loyalty...

I can't claim to be a writer (issues getting the thoughts onto paper) however i can assume it happens to the best lol. Honestly on the MLP:FIM wikia site I saw a picture from Magical Mystery Cure saying Rainbow was firing her Laughter Beam.:pinkiecrazy: :rainbowlaugh:


Thank you for this wonderful comment. I tried my best to give it the feel of the show and slowly move from comedy to something more serious and heartwarming without changing the original tone. The entire play says a lot about Trixie and shows her character development. But she still loves adjectives and now gives everyone one: incredible Twilight, magnificent Applejack, beautiful Rarity, amazing Rainbow Dash, wild Fluttershy, cute Spike, dreaded Nightmare Moon. Princess Celestia even got two of them: wise and wonderful.

And yet there is something bittersweet about somebody understanding friendship, creating an entire play celebrating it and then operating it all by herself.

You turned Friendship is Magic into an anime...
I like it!
Despite going really fast, it's still has an emotional side to it, kinda touching. There's a lot of spelling errors, though, which is a little jarring in such a good story
8/10, sir, 4 spike's to you.

This is still one of the most beautiful fanfics I've ever read.

Hmm, so did Pinkie Pie deliberately feed Trixie the wrong information on which pony did what during the Summer Sun Celebrations? If she gave Trixie her song lyrics, I can't see how she wouldn't have corrected Trixie on who did what then. I suppose it makes it all the more hilarious though, seeing things like Rainbow Dash doing clothes and Applejack 'speaking fancy'.

Still, a great read, it was fun.

How MLP fan fiction SHOULD BE WRITTEN!

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