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WARNING: Shameless Dragon Egg Click Soliciting · 8:52pm May 12th, 2013

Yeah, this post is Exactly What It Says On the Tin.

Here are the eggies, if you would like to help them grow:

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thank you for the watch :applejackunsure:


...What. Victim, what? Constructive critisism =/= meanness. Sorry if I came off a bit harsh. And what?!? Who else, one non-troll, who else was supposedly my "victim" aside from you?


Hey man, thanks for shitstorming under my fiction. I mean, it's exactly what you must do. Being mean and everything. I discovered that I'm not your only "victim". Great job anyway, keep going.

Professor Plum
Story Approver

And I'm saying the Butthurt in your comments was colossal.

You know, the "I will spell this out for you, as you do not understand, it seems.
What. You. Did. Was:
1. Insulting.
2. Not apologized for, and met with more insults.
3. A perfect example of the worst kind of trolling. You know, the kind where people insult other people randomly for lols?
4. Completely against the motto of love and tolerance we strive for.
5. Done without my permission.
6. Egregious.
7. Met with lies. I never joined your group, and somehow was added.
8. Just plain... I have no word for that.
So, Meepsheep...
Well, if this is what you will continue to do...
I am sure I can get a mod to listen." comment.

I'd recommend deleting them, so you don't feed his e-peen any more.
Also worth noting that I still burst out laughing every time someone says that "Love and Tolerance" is the Brony motto. It's especially ironic in this case.


And I'm saying that that stopped 24 minutes ago.

And that was not a back-and-forth, that was letting him know that he will get reported.

Or his autojoin comment did, anyway.

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