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Where did griffons come from? Here is the tale passed down from hen to chick since the earliest days of the world, when Mother Hen hatched us all.

(FYI, Fimfic doesn't have suitable tags for creation stories, so the tags don't exactly represent the story.)

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One singular word. Yes :raritystarry:

I really like this story

5948849 Thanks a lot. : )

Ehhh... fairy tale, creation myth... they're not so different, they and them.
That was some nice little fiction, Norsey. I am a fan of personifying elements and particularly the culturally significant ones.
(and I can definitely see a hen telling it to her chicks, so why not)

I liked it

Very well written, it truly felt as if it were a tale passed from generation to generation. The tone felt like either Gallic, Celtic, Germanic or Scandinavian; in any case it held the spirit and passions of the so called "Barbarian" people.

5949699 Thanks, I appreciate the kind words. : )

Short and sweet, but highly enjoyable. A great look at a mythology from the point of view of another race than the ponies. I would love to see some other vignette-myths in the same vein for other races.

5950355 Thanks, I'm glad you liked it. : )

This is really clever, it gets down the creation myth feel perfectly as well and it is nice to see something about griffins instead of ponies.

5953715 I appreciate the kind words. Thanks. : )

Very lovely. Reads very much like a fairy tale.

Speaking of, I should get back to mine.

A very nice creation myth (and if my entry works, I don't see why yours wouldn't. Assuming my entry works. :derpytongue2:) The repeating rhythms of the winds really help bring a sense of oral tradition to it.

5955839 Thanks. : ) Go go go, you can do eet.

5962675 Haha. "Will they accept this?" is the eternal question with competitions. Thanks for the kind words, and good luck. : )

This may be short, but it's exactly as long as it needs to be. A fantastic take on griffon mythology.

So... there are griffons, and the rest of the world is prey... ok... that was a harsh way of seeing things but fitting. Excellent written, it reminded me some of Kalevala.

Cool and thoughtful, North Wind looked at the world and said, “It lacks something.”

Why do I seem to fit the bill of the North Wind?

After Reading: I am the North Wind therefore I am.

A very good griffin tale.

6298377 Thanks for saying so. : )

6298382 How about a Changeling's tale next?

6298492 Coincidentally, the story I'm currently working on will cover the origin of changelings, though not with a mythological approach.

This. Is. AMAZING!
Where do I start?

I have always had a liking in folk tales like this. It's interesting to see how different cultures explain the birth of the world. But, this, Is by far one of my favorites.(Besides how the Bible explains it of course)
I feel as if there were literally NO MISTAKES!
You earned a follow and a fave my friend.

This is so beautiful:pinkiehappy:

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