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Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon seem the best of friends. But friendship is only skin-deep, and beneath that skin, Silver Spoon labors under the demands of duty and responsibility.

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Don't like stupid minor characters. Not in general, but these ones specifically are annoying.

But... WandererD wrote it. I'll have to think on this...

Edit: Stupid foals. This story is like five minutes old. It has four upvotes and a downvote already? Story is rated after you read it, not before. Hell, it only has two views in total. It can't have five votes.

unusual tags and character choices always catch my attention.
Reading it before it hits the featured box! Featured box is too mainstream :twistnerd:

Wow...that was...depressing...but still it was still well written.

Wanderer D story... but Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon? Dark, Sad and Tregedy tags? Not sure if want to read or not... Will mark as read later I guess. :unsuresweetie:

Skepticism above, but wonderful prose below... FACE IT STRAIGHT!

And this is my reaction.

Makes sense. :trixieshiftright:

Yeah I know how you feel, sad stories make me, well, sad, so I'm not sure if I want to read this.

this reminds me slightly of a different story somewhat along the same premise...i can't think of it's name thought.

It was by device heretic; the dude that wrote eternal, and Celestia was using Twilight as a sex toy, and even thought she despised celestia she somehow still loved her at the same time... "so be it" i think it was called.

Luckily, I have no love for the characters used in the fic.

I liked the way you conjured the relation between Tiara and Spoon -- as always, you solve another MLP mystery with masterful words and brilliant descriptions.

There is a lot to learn from your writing :pinkiehappy:

EDIT: Funny fact. Just below this fic, in the New Stories section of the front page, another Tiara/Spoon fic is present, with the Dark/Sad tags. Coincidence? I think not! :rainbowlaugh:

Needed more Giygas.... N..e..s..s

The title made me smile, but the end is ... well deserving of Tragedy+Sad+Dark. :fluttercry:
Poor deluded fillies, both of them.

1030387 I know I saw that too xD

Also, I have absolutely 0-2% interest in the characters used but you have written it well and that's what you're judged on, not on the characters and you have done a mighty fine job!


This was pretty depressing, D. Why'd you go and do that to me?

Also the continuity was sort of hard to follow here. A later scene had them gaining their cutie marks, but a much earlier scene shows the crusaders all together as friends, and they met at Diamond Tiara's cute-ceaƱera. It's sort of hard to tell what order the scenes come in. I think you should have tried to more clearly establish the chronology.

It was...

Good, but sad. It emanates sadness.

Still, great story.

I just expect something totally other xD

Wow... That was harsh. And worse, it makes perfect sense. Damn it, D! You... You c-can't have my tears!


They were brought together through mutual suffering. Sometimes that's all it takes.

OMG TEH DRAMAS:raritydespair:
Very good story sad ending though.
Wish there was a happy ending:pinkiehappy:

Whoah. Damned grim, but like others have said... it makes sense, and it's beautifully written!

Wow... not what I was expecting at all.

Interesting story though... good psychological examination!

Not my usual cup of tea, but it was well crafted and I enjoyed it. Upvote for you good sir! :moustache:

I was pleased to see a Diamond Tiara story from you. A DT&SS story even that played as an origin story even. I then saw the tags. I will admit, I almost doubted you in thinking this would be just another DT end up dead in some messed up way sort of story. I never though you'd make the DT story of any kind so I'm happy to see even one.

I apologize now for even letting doubt enter my mind as to wether I should read it, but it did scream shipping to me and how you handled this story and the way DT acts around AB... Thanks D, I'll never let doubt make me hesitate from checking out a story from you again no matter what the subject matter is.

I like the ending. Very open ended. I'd like to believe that Silver Spoon probably never gave DT enough credit or even thought of why she torments Applebloom. DT couldn't, wouldn't, go that far and SS' growing obsession had begun twisting her and Diamond Tiara saw it in her.

A story based on Silver Spoon's perspective. I think this story could 6 star easy. Shame story is labeled complete. A DT 2nd chapter with her perdpective and views would of been a great follow up and conclusion that wouldn't change Spoon's outcome or take away from it imho.

*manly hugs* thanks for a well done DT SS story.

on a side note this site needs more mobile support xD
god I cant wait to setup my computer again ><

A chillingly tragic tale of bad things done for debatably good reasons. Excellently done, and a great job of adding complexity to as shallow a character as Silver Spoon.

Nice experiment. Though I feel my sentiments wasted with giving credits to the wrong person. I guess I should of noticed something was up when you posted that Cheerilee Twilight story lol (not to mention you saying you wouldn't do a DT story :P

It was fun. Now I need to fav three authors now :P

Diamond in the Rough

By Celestia's Name

A Sound in the Forest

And here I thought you were experimenting with new styles of writing. I guess in my case I enoyed 2 of 3 stories here. In said order. Still need to finish 3 that couldn't keep my attention fully. Can you give author links next time because the stories still link to the not real authors of them.

P.S. Not that I don't think you COULDN'T write a TwixLee story ;P

Was very sad, but was an interesting take on Diamond and Silver. I really kept waiting for somepony to notice at the last moment or something, and the sad/etc to be because the relationship had been broken and Silver's family had lost its wealth.

Wait, was SS suffering Stockholm syndrome?

1046450 Stockholm syndrome is when hostages develop feelings for their captors, which may lead to assisting them in crime, defending them in court, etc.

What Silver Spoon was experiencing was an obsession with Diamond Tiara that turned into what she felt was ownership. She felt like Diamond's "tool" that helped her become successful, and was in love with her.

Anyways, this was a good story. I don't usually read sadfics, because they are sad, but I enjoyed this. So, yeah.


1052790 you make a good point

The story was certainly thought-out and well-written, but if you tried to make me feel pity towards Silver spoon, you failed completely. :pinkiesad2: Throughout the story I only felt irritated by her and Tiara.
Also, is a simple fall enough to make a pony break her neck?

This is Corpse Bride. With filly murder.

Buck. My. Life.

Uh, it was a good story, but I do not like this style of writing very much... it's just a little too hard for me to follow.

I am with you. This is the first story where Silver was far more ruthless then DT.

And Silver mentioned a hole in her head. Obviously she fell on a rock when DT pushed her over with more force then she likely intended being an Earth pony.

What I don't understand is how DT's tiara broke Silver's nose.:twilightoops:

I did not like this Silver Spoon in the least. She was serious about smothering AB in manure and letting her drown. Good story though.:twilightsheepish:

DT headbutted her. She just saw it in slo mo because of shock/adrenaline/whatever, I'm not a doctor, and focused on the tiara she sent flying.

But i distinctly remember Silver saying Diamond pushed her.:twilightoops:

I went back and reread it, and the tiara did hit her. My bad.

great story
kinda ironic though, SS wanted to kill the CMC but then she ended dead herself:rainbowlaugh::trollestia:

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