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A great disaster has covered the world in snow and hidden the lights of the kingdom which used to glow in the west. In the days after the disaster, Facet struggles across the changed world to bring a group of foals to safety.

* Now with a reading by Shadow of Cygnus!

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First paragraph in and I'm already disappointed you didn't take the opportunity to make it a horse question.


6352186 Alas, you are right! I will throw myself upon my sword to atone for this crime against punnery.

Finally got around to reading this (I like to read most of the stuff that comes by our threads).

It was pretty cool. Short, but that's often how it is with prompts. It worked pretty well with it's shortness, though. Got a pretty good feel for what was going on. I liked it.

Author Interviewer

Ah! That ended perfectly. :D

You never cease to fail my expectations of a story. This is a wonderful (but tragic) story, that I enjoyed reading. It gave emotion. I feel as if these older fics are the ones i enjoy in all of FiM.

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