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Equestria is in the east. Safety and help are in the east. Dragging his grievously injured friend through enemy territory, Lancet just has to keep going toward the sun and he'll get them both out.

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You have the lurkers's favor!

6007304 Unfortunately for me, the throne of the lurker king is quite uncomfortable. Maybe a throw pillow would help...

Please make a sequel it screams of needing a sequel man.

6007808 Thanks, I'm glad you liked it. : ) I dunno whether there will ever be a sequel, but I'm not going to dismiss the possibility entirely.

Rather than a sequel, just write more chapters. This is dark and brooding and very very grey, and something we need more of.
I feel fond regard for it.

There was some tension and nice setting, but the recall scenes were not properly organised. The conclusion felt a little lacking. I think a continuation would be good.

Thank you for participating in the Outside contest.

Results shall be revealed shortly.

So... Ponies break inside the griffon territory and get wasted for that, the griffons are even honorable enough to spare the medic, and now he wants to murder an entire squad that probably had nothing to do with any of that, regardless off the fact that the point squad wad on the griffons' turf.

Kinda hoping that the griffon squad whacks him without taking any casualties. >.>


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