Friendship is Universal

by DudeBroBrony

Chapter 1: The Tear

Chapter 1: The Tear

Night has settled over Equestria. Luna's raising of the moon has allowed the ponies thier time to sleep. The town of Ponyville is silent, everypony resting for the next day. But not too far from Ponyville lies the Everfree forest. A good portion of the creatures there are nocturnal and the night is their time to roam free. But something in the forest startles those creatures into an uncomfortable silence. This unnatural silence wakes one of the Everfree forest's more notable habitants the Mystical Zebra, Zecora. Her eyes slowly flutter as she wakes and rises from her bed. With a raised brow she takes a look out her window to see what could have caused such a silence. As she watches she notices a small glowing light not too far off from her home. It's a strange bright purple light that she's never seen before. Then comes the hum. It starts off low but the sound begins to grow to a higher pitch. The silence is broken as the creatures begin to roar out in pain, the high pitched screech is hurting their ears like never before.

Zecora throws on her dark robe and rushes out of her house to locate the source of the screeching sound and the purple light. Dashing through the woods and avoiding the thrashing creatures around her she finally comes upon the source. Zecora stops dead in her tracks starring in wonder. The light and sound is coming from a small crack in a clearing. This tear is somehow floating in mid-air and emmiting a powerful energy. Zecora has seen many sights in her life and travels, but has never seen something as bizare as this. Hesitantly she turns around and heads back to her cabin. Grabbing a peice of parchment she begin writting a letter as quickly as she can. With the aid of an exotic looking bird Zecora sends her letter off hoping it will reach the Princess in time.


With a long yawn the tall white alicorn begins to raise from her bed. The night has reached it's end and the time has come for Princess Celestia to bring out the day. As she prepares, placing her crown on her head, a bright green bird with odd looking feathers flies in through the window with what seems to be a letter tied to it's leg.

"Hello there, who might you be?"

The bird lands on the window sill and sings a happy little tune. With a pleasent chuckle the Princess approches the small bird and uses her golden magic to retrive the letter from the bird's leg. At that the bird flies off and Celestia begins to open her letter just as she hears a loud knock on the door.

"My Princess, your subjects await the raising of the sun."

Celestia gives a small scowl at the interuption and places the letter at her bed side.

"Yes, yes. I'll be right there."

Keeping a smile on her face the Princess open the door and heads out to raise the sun for he beloved subjects.


"Status report!"

In a very different place in a very different setting there's a tall older man in a dark green uniform covered in a series of bages and stars. A thick grey moustahce rests over his upper lip as his cold dark green eyes stare at a small light purple crack in the center of a large metal room. Scientists and Military personel are all over the complex surrounding The Tear. Various tests are being run non-stop while the soldiers are waiting for their orders.

"We've made contact. The wormhole has opened up on the other side. Stablization is at 65 percent."

A young woman with short dark hair is typing away at a computer as she reads off the information. The tall older man rests a hand on her should as a small smile curls across his face. He's been working on this project for many years, now finally it's reaching it's completion. A whole another plane of existance to discover.

"Good work Erika. Now do what you can to make The Tear bigger. We have no idea what could be on the other side but I want to be able to bring in a tank if I have to."

"Yes, General Thorne."


Not too far from the General and the other women there are two men in a locker room putting on heavy military gear waiting for their que to go. Neither of them know what will await them beyond the Tear. They are the Delta Team, the third team of two men to enter The Tear and make the greatest leap forward since Neil Armstrong walked on the moon.

"Man, can you belive this? Pulled out of duty for some goofy science project!?"

The first man to speak is a large bald man who's at least in his mid 30's. Just by looking at the scars on his face it's obvious he's seen his share of violence on the field, and perhaps off the feild as well.

"This could be cool though. A Tear between two worlds, who know what we'll find on the other side."

The second man is much younger, in fact he looks like a new recruit. He hasn't seen much of the battlefield, but his grades before enlisting in the military were beyond exemplary. In many ways he's the complete opposite to his partner.

"Whatever. I don't care whats on the other side of The Tear. This 'Other Universe' will either stand out of my way or get shot down."

Gung-ho doesn't begin to desribe this man. On the battlefield he earned the nickname Agent Orange for being just as devastating as the napalm attacks in Veitnam.

"You can't be thinking like that! What if the people on the other side just want peace, you can't be so-"

His last words are cut off by the ping of an intercom system. Erika's voice, the girl at the computer with the short dark hair,begins to echo throughout the locker room alerting the Delta Team

"Delta Group, report to mission control immeditaly. Operation: First Contact is a go."

With a nod the two men finish strapping on theri gear and head out to the floor to venture beyond The Tear.

End Chapter 1