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This story is a sequel to Kurai the Forsaken

Seven years have gone by since the defeat of the First of the Dead, Gravelord Nito. Observing the dreams of the co-ruler's subjects, Luna comes by an odd door leading to a dream where she discovers something that gives her doubts on the events that transpired. Had it all been a fabrication? Or has a new hero emerged from the world of Lordran and settled in Equestria?

This is a Dark Souls crossover with MLP: FiM, before the whole Tirek incident. Most of the lore will be explained in this fic, but the basics you will simply find anywhere. For an in depth analysis of Dark Souls, watch this guy. VaatiVidya

Cover art made by the exceptionally talented chuylol14. Check him out if you get the chance.

Chapters (9)
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Comments ( 54 )

*fist pumps* WOOT WOOT SEQUEL!!!


4838519 Don't worry, stories aren't like videos.

King Vendrick? XD but seriously DISCORD HAS LIVING ABYSS WITH HIM?! XD Discord is so planning something and it'll be awesome... Or awful

4895372 Nope, quite obviously Gwyn. And this is reformed Discord we are talking about, he cant get rid of the sludge normally so it had to be kept inside this sealing sphere and even he knows the danger it could cause. :unsuresweetie: Though now that you mention it, the sludge will find a way to fully re-corrupt Artorias before the dormant Abyss inside him emerges. Maybe it might even corrupt Discord, who knows?

4895395 I was joking with monarch thing and I was referring to how Discord always seems to have a plan for everything.

4895758 Yeah I'm smarter than you'd think... But dumber than you'd hoped

Author's Note:
Damn I'm tired.

WHY DO YOU SUFFER FOR US:raritycry:WHY:raritydespair:

well... this is shaping up to be interesting, I'm a little saddened by the fact that i could never get far in the first Dark Souls game, but i love lore videos

i find it hilarious that Ornstein and Smough are working as bouncers in Appaloosa though :rainbowlaugh:

just a question, will we be seeing anyone we meet in Drangleic? or perhaps the great Scaleless Duke himself, Seath?

4926718 To summarise, no we will not be seeing anyone from Drangleic. And as for your Seath question, in due time. If he have Gwyn and Gwyndolin making an appearance then you can answer the question yourself about the other Great Lords.

4926753 ah well, i guess no Laddersmith Gilligan offering ladders to random ponies :rainbowlaugh:

and, admittedly, i should have guessed Seath would show up :facehoof:

“Oh my gosh! He looks so handsome, though I can’t see his face. But look at that body! Strong, slender and courageous!” The white coated mare flicked purple mane back with a flutter of her eyelashes.

trust Rarity to go all gooey at the sight of a 'handsome knight'... I wonder how she is going to act when she meets Ornstein :rainbowlaugh:

... Rarity is weird XD normal humans are big compared to Ponies but Artorias is fuckin massive! It's like a normal human looking at Smough and thinking "what a hunk of a man!" XD

4959356 Let's be honest, Artorias has quite the body on him.

4959746 :rainbowlaugh: yeah, I agree that Smough MUST be incredibly buff the use such a large slab of metal as a set of armor, not counting his hammer of all things :rainbowlaugh:

4959855 Look at his concept art. He puts Gough to shame

4961852 unf unf unf unf unf unf chicka unf unf chicka unf unf chicka unf unf chicka

This is gonna be good...I can't believe this, I've only known dark souls for a day, probably. And I've grown to like it...Especially Ornstein and Artorias

I FUCKING KNEW IT when I saw the name of the chapter rocks anything related to it is Havel:pinkiehappy:

Wow, as the story progresses, I'm becoming more and more curious about dark souls. Might try it sometime. And, good story, an I'm currently looking at Havel since I'm, new to this

Never got too far in the first game, but I have heard many a tale of Havel and those whom wear his gear, frightening monsters of stone they are.

5006217 Dark Souls is a great series, but the first game is extremely hard if you are used to abundant healing items in games. On that note, I would recommend the second game if you wish to get used to the series, as they added in healing gems in it.

Can't stop the rock

5007897 Oh okay, I am used to healing when it comes to battles, so, okay den

5269825 hello young knight so I see you are trying to raise a hero to defeat me huh? Well good luck I grow stronger by the day! So kurai will never gain enough power to defeat me in time! Hahahahahaaa!!!

6876172 When did I become the owner of this story? This story belongs to Seth Typofather. Have you looked at my profile and at my stories?

6876249 SHIT! Sorry I hadn't noticed that I had made that comment towards you, I am so sorry for my mistake.

6876254 Lol its okay I do write dark souls/souls related story in fact I'm working on one for bloodborne now

6876259 Huh, how odd, I to am writing a bloodborne fic.

6876317 To answer your question, updates may take a while, college stuff.

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