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Sometimes, we are not as strong as we believe ourselves to be. Some things may better remain shrouded by night, where others should be revealed regardless of time.
Occasionally, it may simply be the strength of our stomachs that is not up to expectations.

Very fluffy, very light (hast thou observed what We have performed yonder?), very something.

Part of the Timeshift Project.

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Spike/Twilight fluff? Check.
Not romantically involved? Check.
Well written and characterized? Check.

A nice and simple story that hits a few sharp notes. It didn't really seek to do much except remind us of the kind of relationship they have, but who said it needed to? It was a nice an enjoyable read, so thanks for that.


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3427469 Ding! Quest completed! Ego + 4!
It really is absurd how well I can write what I despise. Well, I never tried humans or r63... except that one time. Look, times in the East were tough, alright?
I don't see why everybody expects TwilightxSpike love relationships. What's more likely, one impregnating the other or both seeing one as a result of the other's impregnation?
Besides, we all know there is only one certain unicorn worthy of her. The one pony who even could gift her that voidstone pendant she seems to value so much. I wonder what might have happened to her :trixieshiftright:.


3428655 Your imagination is a weird place, then, to come up with such explanations.
Keep in mind that this is a timeshift of another fluffeh. About twenty years from that forward, I think. You know the show Twilight, cheerful, curious, a bit naive at times? Yeah, this is not that one. This is one of the post-SatN Twilights. She's a bit older and was married to somepony who taught her a lot about the world. Was.

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