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My name is Twilight Sparkle and I am a coward. Why do the words which matter the most have to be the hardest to speak?

Twipov, first person.
Why do I always run out of things to put into the description?

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Slight spoilers, eh?

I was struck with this idea and just had to do it. How fortunate that I was on a mini-block, which this may have lifted. Or maybe it reinforced it, with me producing my masterpiece and knowing the glory shall never again be tangented.

Who knows. This'll get crappy and barely any recognition anyhow, but it was a fun experiment. In case you're curious, yes, this is Twicoma. I would call it the "unresolved memory" symptom. Surprisingly common a plot device in media like this, to be honest.

I suppose I could have stretched it out for another cycle, but I could also have not done that. As you can see, I chose the latter option. It seemed unnecessary. On that note, this was fun for how it allowed me to copy-paste text in that wonderful way that makes you feel like an acclaimed writer. (+3 pretentiousness, by the way, plus another 2 whenever I get praised for it.)

Awesome story! At least you write more in the story than you do in the description. I look forward to reading more of your stories in the future. Keep up the great writing!

I like the premice, but it could be a little longer, that being said it does not need to be, as you said it wouldn't exactly gain anything from adding another cycle. Though I wouldn't concider this dark, even light-dark, because she does wake up at the end.

2420119 Okee okee suh. Removed Dark. Why do I have to constantly walk on the edge where it's bollocks to the wall for clear tagability?

Yes, it could be longer, maybe I got a little lazy, especially at the beginning of the last cycle. Unfortunately, I can't think of what to add. This would be really great within a bigger fic, though. Too bad that I had absolutely no intention of writing such a one.
Perhaps it's fine slim as it is. I love writing in the style of seeding. Glory will be had if it is nourished, even though objectively seen, all with which I present you is but a tiny seed. In other words, imply many things, leave spelling them out to the reader. Fitting for the lazy writer, too.

2420116 Why do I remember you?
Y'know, there's a small fairly big, actually novel's worth of my stuff already here. Check that out.

I don't know why, but a bunch of people seem to recognize me on this site. I have no idea why that is though. As for your other stories, I have read at least half of them at some point in time and I look forward to other stories that you will write in the future.

Oh, I liked it.. With the dark tag I wasn't sure I could hope for a happy ending, which made it a delightful surprise. :pinkiehappy:

The sense of mystery is impeccable!
What dangers are Twilight in fact struggling with...?
We do not know, sadly.:fluttershysad:
Excellent work, dear Author.:twilightsmile:


The depths of one's soul create shadows beyond what the mind can comprehend.

*Cough* sorry, pretentiousness allergy. Every day is hell.

Well, Twilight appears to be struggling with her inability to admit something to Rainbow Dash, reliving the memory until the cycle is broken. One can only imagine what caused her to fall beyond consciousness in the first place. Perhaps she was fed up with her own cowardice and did something drastic about it.

But please, do read my other stuff which has actual effort.

...I somehow forgot that detail right after reading.:facehoof:
Anyway, this is good.:twilightsheepish:

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