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Swift Bolt

Became a brony after reluctantly watching the first two episodes with a friend. Absolutely love this show.


Hiatus OVER!!! · 4:12am Jul 12th, 2017

Hiatus is over. WingsPony got a new laptop and we have continued writing. Though i don't have an expected release date for Chapter 2

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Comment posted by Swift Bolt deleted Jul 1st, 2016


To mail someone on this site you click on their user page and click the little icon that says mail. It is very easy and very helpful when collaborating. Try sending me a note and maybe I can help you with a story.

2236046 well i'm afraid i'll write something as a funny remark but then everypony will take it the wrong way. Plus I can never start a story because I either can't think of what to start with or I'll just keep coming with ways to start and won't be able to choose one. Hehe.. anyway thanks for support. And since um new what's annote? Like a private message?

Don't worry about rambling, it just means you have a lot to say. :twilightsmile: If you want to write just do it! When I first started I got a lot of thumbs down! :twilightblush: Every time I post a new chapter of Pink Rainbow I always without fail get at least one down vote. I take all the criticism and improve my work. If someone gives good advice take it to heart. And if they are a stupid jerk ignore them! If you need advice on writing you can always send me a note! I will be happy to help a friend in need :raritywink:

2235738 also how do you write stories? Like I want to but I'm afraid nopony will like them.. Plus when I write I tend to repeat sentence structure and it seems blocky or choppy to myself.

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