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This story is a Sequel to Slumbering Worries. While it is not crucial to read this story, I would strongly recommend it, for Party Blues to make sense.
Three years ago today, Little Appleade Dash was welcomed to Ponyville. Tonight, the village is celebrating her birth and all are invited to Pinkie's birthday party for her.

However, not all ponies are happy about being there, and Rarity and Twilight get to know and understand each other better.

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This story is respectfully dedicated to werewolf212001 who not only gave me the perfect title, but also inspired me to write this.

My name is Sunset Shimmer. You may have many things about me, some of them good, some bad.

However none of you know my full story, what made me who I was and how I became.

Only my closest friends know me truly and I know that I can trust them to respect me and keep my secrets confidential.

However, for all the freshmen and sophomores new to Canterlot High, you only know me as the girl who saved you all.

I have decided to come clean to all, barring my more personal experiences, which will stay private. You will finally know who I really am and why I almost destroyed the said school.

I hope that, by revealing all to everyone, that you all will come to understand me and not judge me.

All I will say now is that you might want to get comfortable.

You'll be with me all the way, through my highs, and my lows, and then some.

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This story was created initially under the name A Tragic Tale of an Equestrian High school Drama. Sorry for any confusion!

It started out like any other day. School was boring, dragged as it usually did. The girls arranged a studying period up at A.J's house. A secret is revealed and tragedy occurs when A.J goes down to fetch more cider.

One of the friends are attacked and wakes from a coma, changed.

Meanwhile, Anon-A-Miss strikes at Canterlot High and everyone blames one girls, including those she thought were her friends.

With no-one to turn to, she succumbs to darkness and the worlds only hope is a girl with whom neither got on very well.

Looks like the world is doomed.......or is it???

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Jacopo Greyson was just a young kid, trying to shelter his sister from the harsh realities of the real world. Until one day, he makes a wish upon a strange star in the sky.

Now he's in Equestria. He's a brightly colored pony.

And so is his sister.

This is the story of a boy and his younger sister growing up in an ideal world.

P.S. Big Shout out to the one, the only Mocha Star, big props to him helped me alot!

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Applejack and Rainbow Dash believed in the magic of friendship. They were left shattered and betrayed when one of their closest friends acted out at them, due to a hidden homophobic streak that leaves the loving pair hurt and the ex-friend lonely and regretful. However, when Rainbow, the Element of Loyalty, extends her hand of friendship tentatively, it is up to the outcast to make things right and depending on the true magic of friendship, the mane 7 will either be restored and live happily into eternity or meet with tragedy and loss. One thing is for certain. The true strength of friendship, once thought unbreakable is put to the ultimate test.

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