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My New Story · 5:13am Nov 2nd, 2017

After a long time of nothing, I have finally found inspiration again! This time, this new story of mine was inspired from the new episode, Shadow Play. The story centers around Stygian and the Darkness that tempted him to turn into the Pony of Shadows. Go ahead and give it a read! :raritywink:

Have a great November! :twilightsmile:

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2430372 I finished reading the Friend in Need story. I liked it! It was an interesting concept (about trying to learn how to relate and make friends when being alone for a long time), though I felt that the story itself could've explored that concept a bit more. I also noticed some grammatical stuff, along with some lines of dialogue that I thought with a bit if editing could leave a bigger impact.

In short, the pros for that story were that it was short and to the point. It didn't have to be grand in order to be a great story either. I also liked the concept of Fluttershy learning to trust and make friends, though I felt that Fluttershy would need a bit more time in order to actually warm up to Rainbow Dash as a friend, knowing her character.

The cons were grammatical errors such as keeping the past tense all throughout the story (sometimes, there were verbs that were present tense when they should've been past tense). Also, a bit of tweaking in some of the dialogue so that it could be more accurate to how the characters would say those lines would be good.

Other than that, great story! Well done! :twilightsmile:

2430371 Correct. My apologies for not making KY clearer. I have a habit of that:facehoof:

2430370 Oh, you mean giving them a read-through and tell you what I think of them?

2430353 A)I understand. B)Not for editing purposes. I was asking if you could look at my published stories.

2428972 So sorry that I took a long time to respond! :derpyderp2: Unfortunately, at this time, I'll probably be too busy to critic fanfics or anything like that. I'm sorry. :pinkiesad2: Do you know any editors that could help you?

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