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Hurt and alone, Stygian meets someone calling itself "the Darkness." He finds that this pony understands him and his sorrow, and offers him a power greater than anything he has ever imagined. However, when Stygian is freed from his Shadow, the Darkness returns with a warning to all of Equestria. The end is coming.

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It has been many years since Twilight Sparkle became an alicorn princess. She has enjoyed the company of her friends during that time. Now, she begins to realize that the time has come when she may have to part with her friends for the last time β€” a realization that she is determined not to let become a reality.

(Inspired by Argodaemon's Rememberance)
(Image cover by RaiinbowDashRD on deviantart)
(Story also credited to SunsetAppleTwi for inviting me to tell this tale)

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After Twilight returns from the "Humble and Penitent Trixie's Equestrian Apology Tour" with Trixie and Starlight, she apologizes to Celestia for all that had happened. Then, Spike rushes into the room to inform them that something very strange has happened: A mysterious entity has just left a bizarre message in the library. Now, it is up to the five of them to decipher the message, along with who could have left it.

(Also featuring Princess Luna)

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Trixie is thinking about quitting practicing magic forever! In an effort to change her mind, Twilight Sparkle talks to her about it and also gives her some needed advice about popularity.

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Flash Sentry (or Solstice Rocket, as he was originally called) has lived in the city of Baltimare all his life with his family: his father, mother and younger brother. All throughout his life, his motto has always been to do the right thing, no matter what the consequences. However, there comes a time when that motto is put to the test in a way that he least expects. In the end, he is forced to make a decision -- a decision that could very well change the course of his destiny forever.

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