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The Summer Sun Celebration was never typically associated with second chances, not until Twilight Sparkle and her friends discovered the Elements of Harmony and used them to cleanse the jealousy from the heart of Princess Luna, at least. On that fateful night, two seconds chances were granted:

One for Luna herself, that she might seek forgiveness from her sister and the citizens of Equestria for her actions.

The other was for Princess Celestia, that she might once again find some measure of happiness after a thousand years of loneliness.

Some years later, however, another mare hopes for a second chance of an entirely different nature. She knows she doesn’t deserve it. She knows it’s stupid to even ask.

So why the hell can’t she just let it lie?

- - - - - - - -

Written for the 4th AppleDash contest, under the categories "Second Chances" and "A Special Event". Second place finisher.
Edited by Craine. Sorry for keeping you up until stupid o' clock, buddy!
Cover art by bakki. Used with permission.
Sex tag for author safety, nothing actually explicitly mentioned.

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Your Appledash stories have quickly become some of my favourites, this one is another fantastic piece of work!

6914143 You liked, then?

6915191 Blame Tchernobog, he keeps roping me into these contests. :rainbowlaugh:

Oh hey it's up.


~Skeeter The Lurker

6915410 Oh hey, it's skeets.


You're a pretty prolific commenter/proofer/reader, care to share your thoughts? Just looking to see what you guys thought of it.


Yeah, sure!

I'll give a reread and let ya know what I thought.

~Skeeter The Lurker

whaaaa ? why isn't this story exploding in thumb up votes ?

6916152 *shrugs* Might be my low follower count, might be the time of day it went public, might be that I'm not a well known author on the site. Could be anything, really.

Personally, I think this is fantastic. I especially like their "code-phrase." It gives it a special touch.

You may not be well-known or currently don't have too many followers, but I hope that changes for you soon. :twilightsmile:

That was a decent story. It made me feel real good. Hope your planning on writing more, i cant wait to read more!!
P.s. if its not too much trouble, could you include more love and romance in your next story??

6917841 Thankee kindly, glad you enjoyed.

6918155 Glad you enjoyed the story. If you're looking for more romance, then you might enjoy this story I have in progress at the moment, judging by your name.

6918550 Well, that's helpful, informative and constructive. 11/10, top post.

6918960 Solid writing flows nicely, and is easy to read, definitely above par in that regard. Yet the plot just falls flat

6920458 That's a bit more like it, thank you.

In what way does it fall flat? Is it the lack of conflict near the end (a problem my editor pointed out, but that I didn't have time to fix)? Some other way? Or are you just not a fan of this particular kind of plot?

6920573 Not really a fan of this kind of plot, but the plot behind the plot with the whole relationship falling apart leading up to it, instead of a recount of it would have been nice, and would have filled in nicely as a few thousand words of conflict

6920878 So it's a personal issue, then. Alright, I can respect that. Can't please all the people all the time.

As for your other point, I feel that would have been beyond the scope of both this fic, and my interest in writing. Don't get me wrong, I too would love to read something like that as much as the next guy, but I feel it might be particularly jarring for readers to be reading "AppleDash breaks up", only to be suddenly confronted with "20 years later".

In regards to the conflict, the breakup isn't the focus of the story, the reconciliation is, so having that there would be ultimately pointless as a goal. Entertaining to read? Quite probably. Useful? Not particularly. As you should have been able to gather anyway, their breakup was quite sudden and not a slow-burning affair, so again, depicting it would have been ultimately pointless as I can just as easily summarise it as I did.

6915295 I was speechless. Of course I love it!

6922406 Most excellent.

"How long have you liked me Rainbow?"
"Always, AJ, always. Do you still have feelings for me?"
"Always Dash."

Well if this was the second place finisher, I have to wonder how over the top the first place finisher is.

This story was so amazing I'm off to raid your other written stories, author. Positively lovely.

This is flipping amazing!:raritystarry:

This made me cry on the subway, so I hope you're happy. Happy tears by the end, though. This was so raw, so powerful, that I couldn't help getting swept up in it. And the ending was beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing.

Oh! Thank you very much! That's a heck of a nice surprise. :pinkiehappy:

Nice story! This was wonderfully sweet, with strong dialogue and good characterization. I was hoping for less of a time jump at the end, but that's personal preference. Will be adding to my favorites list.

This story was AMAZING! :pinkiegasp:
Even though I usually see Applejack as the dominant one, but that doesn't really matter. :twilightsheepish:


Thankee. Glad you enjoyed. :twilightsmile:

This story was: heart wrenching, heart aching, heart breaking, heart fulfilling, and all the other words that I am too lazy to type...
These are all of my feels while reading this: :ajsmug::fluttershysad::pinkiesad2::pinkiehappy::pinkiesmile::rainbowderp::raritycry::raritydespair::raritystarry::raritywink::twilightsmile::yay:
Basically I loved it:heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:

Damn I read this 3 times and I still can for 10000000000000000 times. IT's so amazing

10502492 10635789 Thank you, both. Glad you enjoyed. :twilightsmile:

Lol I'm both the same person just 2 accounts. I forgot I wrote that

10636459 Oh, well, regardless. Sentiment still applies. :rainbowlaugh:

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