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It's called garbage can, not garbage can't.


Rarity Writes is a monthly article featured in the Hooves and Hemlines magazine, and Rarity couldn't be prouder. After all, if there was one thing she could talk about, it was fashion, right? And free publicity is always great.

Unfortunately, it didn't take long for her to run out of ideas. Luckily for her, she finds some interesting subject material in her best friend's relationship.

Proofread by Apple Cinnamon and docontra. Written for the AppleDash contest featuring the themes 'Exploring the Past' and 'A Special Event'

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wat rainbow is actually straight? is that gonna be a sequal?

"Rares'," Applejack said, giving her friend a solid pat on the back, "You ain't nearly as observant as ya'll think."

It would be funny, if even more of her friends where in a relationship without Rarity realizing. :raritydespair:

6838757 hazard please!

6838757 6840107 Originally this was going to be a multiple chapter thing, and that was going to be the follow-up article. However, I realized that there wasn't really a story past the first chapter, so I elected to cut it out and leave it as a one-shot. However, I was rather keen on the idea that Dash was straight, yet somehow in a relationship with Applejack (it struck me as something suitably nonsensical for my tastes).

I am rather keen to write the idea, but I doubt it'll turn up in a direct sequel to this story.

6839432 That would be funny. Who knows, maybe they are?

I love how their relationship feels. It's not the prototypical "Dinner by candlelight, and such" model, and both of them recognize that that's neither something they'd be comfortable in nor something they need to emulate. And the straight-but-a-non-straight-relationship thing really resonates with conversations I, being asexual, have seen and participated in: sure she might be heterosexual, but that doesn't mean she's heteroromantic or that a straight relationship would be the only option even if she were. That may also be partly because I've always seen Rainbow as aromantic and/or asexual herself, but my impression still stands.

If there was one thing I'd recommend looking at for the future, it would be that the charaters' speech didn't always seem distinctive. Still, though, you got their personalities across really nicely and that's more at the level of nitpicking. Of course, my sense for dialogue might just be poorly calibrated after transcribing every character's dialect in my entry to the contest.

EDIT: I forgot to mention it, but I meant to say that their relationship starting before the show was a really enjoyable change from most fics out there.

Lovely story! original.

Applejack chuckled. "If you think that was interesting, you should wait till I tell you about the time Rainbow admitted she was actually straight."

What!!!! I want to know!!!!! is that possible??? I want to know!!! please!!!!!

6846310 I'm glad you enjoyed the story. I'm pretty happy with it. If you could point out any specific areas where the voices felt off, I'd be happy to look them over and come to my own conclusions. Chances are I'm just missing it.

6851614 Glad you enjoyed it.

6851674 Reading through it again, I do think most of that was from just coming off of editing Kin – I even started thinking with "ain't"s briefly – and now that I've had a day or two away from strong dialects their voices here do feel much more natural. I did find a few places where it seemed to me like Rarity's voice was bleeding over into the others' (bolded below), but it's even less of a problem than I originally thought it was. And given how much of the fic uses her voice, it's not surprising that there was a bit of it.

"Well, ain't they just a bunch of borin' so-an'-so's anyhow?" Applejack asked. "Surely you'd want to write about ponies who actually know how to have a lil' fun."

"We rather like horseshoes," Rainbow said.

"It's got my green-light. Even after I saved Equestria seventeen times, it took months for Spitfire to learn my name."


I love how their relationship feels. It's not the prototypical "Dinner by candlelight, and such" model, and both of them recognize that that's neither something they'd be comfortable in nor something they need to emulate.

... yeah... that.
This was amazing. While I support the quoted statement, I didn't find anything to nitpick about concerning dialogue. I had their voices in my head as it should be (should be, right, left-shoulder-Pinkie? :pinkiecrazy:), the pacing was great, Rarity was... yeah, you know what? It was amazing. Let's just... stop listing everything and just stick with that.

And once more, HapHazred struck! There's the AppleDash-shipper - the commoner -, there's the top-tier-elite... but then, there's him...! (Insert drums and/or lightning...)
Wow. Just... wow.

Thank you!


(Insert drums and/or lightning...)

I'll take the bagpipes, please! Gotta stick to my heritage.

Plus, bagpipes, guys! Bagpipes!

I'm very glad you liked the story. I was actually glad for the recent contest, as it meant a big bunch of AppleDash stories that weren't, uh, mine. There was a moment when I was around 15% of the stories on the first page of the Romance folder in the group, and around 24% of the upvotes (which is a nice statistic, and I was very proud of it).

Bagpipes are awesome, too. You shall have them! I know a pony who's capable of getting one from almost everywhere. She told me something about 'emergency-storages'...

I may risk feeding your ego to the point where it grows big and strong enough to make the news. Something like 'giant shadowy figure stole all bagpipes, then proceeded to destroy Tokyo/New York' (other cities in mind that seem to be prone to destruction?). Anyway: That pride of yours? Totally deserved it.
There's bragging. And then... there's 'just being that awesome'. (As somepony would say... :rainbowwild:)

6963394 I assure you, my ego has been carefully cultivated over many years. It has been well fed and has one of the finest pedigrees around. In fact, my ego probably has an ego all of its own. It's so swollen I've become a risk of flooding in my area as its own gravity sucks the water up from the sea. It's so outrageous I've been banned from most cinemas due to it getting in the way for the people behind me. It's become its own ark, and in the event of global catastrophe, I could ride it to safety. My ego is the beginning and end of all things, the alpha, and the omega, and probably pi as well.

There is very little you can say or do that will make my ego grow any further. However, I do appreciate you trying.

Very nicely done. You really captured the character's voices beautifully.

6988970 Well, I have been practicing. Rainbow, AJ, and Rarity I think I have an easy enough time with. Pinkie still gives me issues. Twilight's all right, but I have the annoying tendency of upping her snark levels a bit further than warranted (that's not my fault, though: I'm british and snark and sarcasm comes easily). Fluttershy depends. I really just have to be careful not to overdo the um-ing and ah-ing.

In any case, I'm glad you liked it.

10174406 Ha ha, yes, I had already received a PM from someone about that.

Cheers for the reading; hope you enjoyed the story. It's been years since I wrote it; returning to my old stuff is always weird for me!

Author Interviewer

Applejack chuckled. "If you think that was interesting, you should wait till I tell you about the time Rainbow admitted she was actually straight."




That is a hell of a bombshell reveal to never follow up on! @_@ Where's the ding-dang sequel?

10175976 I think (it's been ages since I had worked on this story...) that I had intended to rework the concept into a later story, but since I didn't really want to re-use the whole 'article' thing, I didn't really have a story in mind for it...

This story, if I remember right, was largely written using bits and pieces that I had leftover from 'Many Complications of Interspecies Romance', which focused more on the cosmic side of things (as dumb as that may sound), so there weren't many ideas that I felt really stood on their own well. I also have this problem where, because I've written so much AppleDash, I don't like going over the same thing over again, which makes writing more appledash harder and harder, even though I feel I 'get' my own interpretation of it better and better... As time drew on, this and other reasons made returning to a similar concept, but outside of the same continuity rather unpalatable (at the time).

Then the story gets a youtube reading and all of a sudden a whole bunch of readers turn up at once and I scramble to remember all the details that I could have sworn were all so clear to me four years ago...

Long story short, I dunno man. Ideas I have gradually get reintegrated and reworked into other stuff I do, sometimes years later.

Author Interviewer

Look, trying to find original AppleDash is nearly impossible, especially these days, but you've got one right here.

Whatever you do it'll be worth it, I believe this.

10176221 Trying to find original shipping is a big ask; it takes a bit more than a gimmicky premise to make a story stand out in the long term. That said, you probably have a point. I can't think of many stories that interpret the relationship (or really, many relationships) that way.

I'll ponder the matter. : ) It's been a while since I've given these stories much thought, so perhaps coming at it from a fresh perspective will provide some new ideas.

Author Interviewer

If nothing else, this is precisely the kind of shipping I like -- approaching the relationship as something meaningful to the participants even if opaque to outsiders -- and I would love to see more. :)

This is very interesting. There is a romantic flare in this that is unique to most Appledash fiction I've read that somehow keeps the characters in character while Rarity is the perfect third pony perspective on her reaction to their unconventional relationship! Definitely a like and fav from me as well as a follow!

It's an interpretation that I haven't seen in a fic before, but one that I've been starting to headcanon since the finale's implications. (My logic being that Zephyr Breeze may be dense, but Dash being gay is a hint even he would take.) It's definitely something I'd be interested in seeing delved into in further detail.

I'm curious about the Teen rating. It's not like there's anything violent or sexual in this. I'm writing a story that involves a gay couple and after reading this I was thinking about having a Teen rating but now they're asking me what the warning is and looking at the options I don't see anything like that in this story, can you please help me understand?

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